But before the prelate could reach the country, Selassie was dead (1847), leaving his eldest son, Haeli Melicoth, to succeed him. In this short article, we explain and provide some examples of the most common French verb tenses you'll come across.

Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Figure of Harpy. Find more ways to say prelate, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. It was supposed to contain heretical propositions and caused a good deal of scandal, inciting Baluze against Faget, both of whom abused the other, to defend the memory of the prelate. He brought his attainments somehow to the notice of Henry of Bergen, bishop of Cambrai, the leading prelate at, the court of Brussels; and about 1494 permission was obtained for him to leave Steyn and become Latin secretary to the bishop, who was then preparing for a visit to Rome.

All Rights Reserved. "He is," wrote another diplomatist, "the proudest prelate that ever breathed.".

deposed, the cardinals assembled in conclave thought they could not do better than crown with the tiara this cosmopolitan prelate, who had an equal mastery of the Latin and Greek languages, and was renowned not only for his learning in theology but for his affability (June 26, 1409). “Democrat” vs. “Republican”: Where Did The Parties Get Their Names? Start with the Complete French Beginner's course, then follow up with French Next Steps. “America The Beautiful” Lyrics You Probably Don’t Know. The officers are the prelate, chancellor, registrar, secretary and officer of arms. The ecclesiastical unit in episcopacy is a diocese, comprising many churches and ruled by a prelate; in congregationalism it is a single church, self-governed and entirely independent of all others; in Presbyterianism it is a presbytery or council composed of ministers and elders representing all the churches within a specified district.

The chapel of the order, in … Before this he had been sent by Archbishop Affre to Rome, and had been appointed Roman prelate and protonotary apostolic. The grand-duke is a Protestant; under him the Evangelical Church is governed by a nominated council and a synod consisting of the " prelate," 48 elected, and 7 nominated lay and clerical members. Find out! Salvian continued his friendly intercourse with both father and sons long after the latter had left his care; it was to Salonius (then a bishop) that he wrote his explanatory letter just after the publication of his treatise Ad ecclesiam; and to the same prelate a few years later he dedicated his great work, the De gubernatione Dei. The ambitious prelate, however, had gained great influence over Henry, who had grown up under the most diverse influences. Date: 12th-early 13th century. Pope Francis on Sunday named 13 new cardinals, including Washington D.C. Archbishop Wilton Gregory, who would become the first Black U.S. prelate to earn the coveted red hat. Since there are millions of tourists from China visiting Hong Kong every year, the, 27.

2. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day! Use "prelate" in a sentence. Prelate definition, an ecclesiastic of a high order, as an archbishop, bishop, etc.

Example sentences with the word relate. The newly elected prelate still needed ecclesiastical consecration before he could exercise his pastoral functions. If that prelate think the cause should be heard again, he is to appoint judges; if otherwise, the original judgment is to be confirmed. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases.

relate example sentences.

In 1860 he delivered a course of lectures on the pope's temporal power, at that date seriously threatened, and shortly afterwards he was appointed a papal domestic prelate, thus becoming a "Monsignor," to be addressed as "Right Reverend. THOMAS DE CANTILUPE (c. 1218-1282), English saint and prelate, was a son of William de Cantilupe, the 2nd baron (d. Theodore now divided Wilfrid's large diocese into three; and the aggrieved prelate went to lay his case before the bishop of Rome.

The death of this prelate was the signal for further dispute in another direction. C. C. Gaussen, Percy: Prelate and Poet (1908). The king was throughout his life on terms of personal intimacy with St Dunstan, and his public policy was largely guided by that prelate and by his own mother Eadgifu. In the quarrel that ensued the prelate was openly accused of simony, of heresy, and other matters more suitable for a criminal court.

In these years he was frequently a proctor for, 21. Reply Obj. She respected the bishops only as supporters of her throne; and, although the well-known letter beginning "Proud Prelate" is an 18th-century forgery, it is hardly a travesty of Elizabeth's attitude.

The Pope also appoints the prelate of the Order from the three candidates proposed by the Grand Master. The better sources make Sardica the scene of meeting and name Eusebius (of Nicomedia) as the prelate who attended Constantine.

Next year he was made a domestic prelate and shortly afterwards a member of the Congregation del boon governo.

Weak and shortsighted as a statesman, as a man and prelate Dalberg was amiable, conscientious and large-hearted. ; a church dignitary. He was awarded the Order of Merit by Her Majesty the Queen in May 1999 - a unique distinction for a catholic prelate.

reverend prelate the Bishop of Salisbury. The new prelate took the oath of fealty to Hugh Capet and persuaded Gerbert to remain with him.

a Church dignitary of high rank, such as a cardinal, bishop, or abbot. More than 100 years after the English civil war, for instance, any, 26. There was hardly a prelate or royal chaplain in England who was not under ecclesiastical censure. 20. WILLIAM COURTENAY (c. 1342-1396), English prelate, was a younger son of Hugh Courtenay, earl of Devon (d. In Germany Prelate Oetinger of Wurttemberg translated many of Swedenborg's writings between 1765 and 1786, but the great name is that of Immanuel Tafel (d. On the same prelate fell the task of conducting a public controversy with the archbishop of Armagh, George Dowdall, which of course ended in the conversion [From Anglo-Norman Invasion] him as lord-lieutenant, the litany was chanted in English, both cathedrals having been painted, and scripture texts substituted for " pictures and popish fancies.". They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com.

At the beginning of 1123 he was chosen from among several candidates to be archbishop of Canterbury, and as he refused to admit that Thurstan, archbishop of York, was independent of the see of Canterbury, this prelate refused to consecrate him, and the ceremony was performed by his own suffragan bishops.

The line of the living began with prelates in grand clothes, the Pope leading.

Did the Vatican Arrest an Abuser to Protect Him? Entering the service of Eberhard, princebishop of Liege, he was sent by that prelate on a mission to Rome, where Pope Leo X. CHARLES DE MARILLAC (c. 1510-1560), French prelate and diplomatist, came of a good family of Auvergne, and at the age of twenty-two was advocate at the parlement of Paris. 1406), English prelate, was a man of obscure birth, little or nothing, moreover, being known of his early years.

Created secular prelate, he was sent as apostolic delegate to Viterbo, where he early manifested his reactionary tendencies in an attempt to stamp out Liberalism. `His Eminence the Cardinal Archbishop"--he bowed nervously at the prelate `is well-known.

Sentences Containing 'prelate' It is acknowledged on all hands, says that learned prelate, that the authority, either of the scripture or of tradition, is founded merely in the testimony of the apostles, who were eye-witnesses to those miracles of our Saviour, by which he proved his divine mission. In Baden the general synod is presided over by the prelate (prelat), i.e. JON ARASON (1484-1551), Icelandic bishop and poet, became a priest about 1504, and having attracted the notice of Gottskalk, bishop of Holar, was sent by that prelate on two missions to Norway.

The cardinal is assisted by a prelate called the sub-datarius, and other officials. The earlier usage of the Armenians is expressed in the two following rules recorded against them by a renegade Armenian prelate named Isaac, who in the 8th century went over to the Byzantine church: "Christ did not hand down to us the teaching to celebrate the mystery of the offering of the bread in church, but in an ordinary house, and sitting at a common table.

WILLIAM JUXON (1582-1663), English prelate, was the son of Robert Juxon and was born probably at Chichester, being educated at Merchant Taylors' School, London, and at St John's College, Oxford, where he was elected to a scholarship in 1598.

On the other hand it was arranged that these elections should take place in the presence of the emperor or his representative, and that he should invest the new prelate with the sceptre, thus signifying that the bishop, or abbot, held his temporal fiefs from him and not from the pope. Episcopal seals more generally show the prelate prominently as a standing figure, or, less conspicuously, as kneeling in prayer before the Deity or patron saint; the counterseal also frequently represents him in the same posture of adoration. In 1167 this prelate erected a castle on the spot where the Christiansborg palace now stands, and the building was called after him Axel-huus.


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