The world is in chaos, zombies are attacking from all sides and people run for their life. The "X-Ray Kill Cam" feature from V2 also makes a return, in which when a successful and skilled shot is made, the camera will track the bullet from the sniper rifle to the target in slow motion, and upon impact will show an anatomically correct x-ray style reveal of the body part being hit and the damage the bullet causes to the organs and bones.

The latter has spawned a fantastic shooter series we now know as Zombie Army. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. After defeating an enormous zombie Hitler, Faireburne tosses the real Hitler down to Hell. You’ll have to find a way to defeat this motley aggressive crowd if you want this war to finally end. Are you ready to step inside and meet whatever is waiting for you in there face to face? His minions are no less savage – troops of revived Nazi corpses with their faces already eaten by rot, rattling skeletons and all kinds of bosses from different floors of hell. Add this game to your profile’s TOP 3 loved list. The four seize a train from a nearby railyard and make their way there. Fight the forces of darkness in corpse-riddled canals, survive a Zombie Zoo, and journey to dark, inexplicable places no person has been before…and lived to tell the tale! Racing against time, the four successfully penetrate the tower, defeat the occult general atop it, and retrieve the third piece of the Relic. Please register or login to post a comment. Some items can also trigger an explosion when shot, which can be used to the player's advantage against the hordes of zombies. Just remember that there will be zillions of them and your ammo is limited…. 131,900 By using this website, you consent to the. Continue the alternate history of Zombie Army Trilogy in huge new levels, and uncover a sinister plan that takes the Survivor Brigade across Italy and beyond! Defeat the Nazi Boss and survive all his nasty minions and dogs! They sabotage the industrial plant that the Führer is using to manufacture weapons, equipment, and food supplies for the zombie army and then face off with Hitler himself. Adolf Hitler deploys a last resort plan to raise the fallen as zombies through occult rituals and turn them against Allied forces, thus causing Germany to become overrun with the undead. (zombie army trilogy) need help with ''youre so dead you dont even know it'' trophy (on ps4) i have a buddy who i play the campaign with but i also need 2 more people to help me out, my name is Vagg006

Zombie Army Trilogy received "mixed or average" reviews from professional critics according to review aggregator website Metacritic.[6][7][8]. The tunnel leads the group to an underground facility overrun with the undead. The very sight of their rotting skin and ... Zombie Army 2 is the continuation of the popular post-apocalyptic shooter where you have to fight ... Wanna enjoy some really daring and downright creepy action amidst a raging zombie apocalypse? Sorry, an unexpected error occurred. Only Schwaiger's use of the Relic prevents the four from being swarmed by the zombies at the rally. Faireburne and the survivors are led back to Berlin when Allied intelligence reports the Sagarmatha Relic and its purpose to them, so they arrive at the Brandenburg Gate to retrieve the first piece of the Relic from the Kaiser-Friederich-Museum, killing zombies along the way. Kill every one of them and earn money to purchase high powered guns to defeat that humongous Nazi boss zombie! The four are spirited away as the USAAF bombs the area. [2][3] The game takes place in an alternative version of the final days of World War II, with the German army close to defeat. The story behind the eerie adventure you’re about to set out for starts in the time of World War II when Hitler discovers some formidable artifact capable of turning him into an invincible demonic creature.

The game, which can be played co-operatively or solo, features the single-player campaigns of the first two Nazi Zombie Army titles, alongside the new third chapter, combined into one Campaign mode, with a Horde mode similar to Killing Floor and the aforementioned Left 4 Dead series also being available. Schwaiger directs them to a G-Tower outside Berlin.

In a fight with him and his minions, the survivors send the demonically-possessed officer back to Hell and discover a tunnel under the church's altar. The first thing that’s truly great about Zombie Army is the intensity of action and the visual side of the gameplay.

You can really enjoy the sight of your own progress – guts flying all around, blood splashing from a bullet-pierced head, all those snarling decaying corpses looking stunningly realistic… Again like V2, the player can utilise various types of explosives, including standard grenades, tripwire mines and dynamite. The player can also hold their breath to steady their shot and more precisely determine the direction their bullet will travel in. Pockets of survivors have sprung up all over Germany, supported by Allied airdrops of supplies. Thank you, your vote was recorded and will be displayed soon. Hitler's headquarters is determined to be a large fortified facility inside the irradiated badlands outside Berlin, which the group infiltrates. With every part of the series, the design was getting more and more up-to-date and the atmosphere was growing ever more suspenseful, so if you are looking to enjoy the sheer process of it – you launched the right game. In April 1945, German dictator Adolf Hitler, who is hiding in the Führerbunker is informed by a Wehrmacht officer that the war is lost and Berlin will soon fall, leaving surrender as their only option. The squad is then deployed to infiltrate the Folterschloss, Hitler's private mountain stronghold in a forest nearby. Making their way to the tram station that supports the castle, the four discover that Hitler is attempting to use humans to power a propaganda device in the castle. Besides, nothing catches a zombie off guard better than a good old stretcher.

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[1] a port for the Nintendo Switch was released on March 31, 2020 in North America and Europe, and in Japan on May 28, 2020. The four hitch a ride on one of Hitler's supply trains and take it straight to a rally where Hitler is outlining his plans for the new Undead Reich. Remember the bigger they are the harder they fall. If your hands itch for holding a gun and pulling the trigger ... Zombies… They are mindless, ruthless and highly dangerous. After clearing the village of zombies, the quartet commandeers a truck to take them to Berlin.


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