In DDH, the ligaments may become stretched and loose. Strong fibrous tissues called ligaments normally help hold the femoral head Tell the parents that the flexion and abduction straps are “your” straps and they should not be adjusted by the parents without instruction from you or a Nurse Practitioner. Benefits of the spread-squat position for baby car... Third International NYU Langone Hip Dysplasia Symp... Weekly or bi-weekly examination and ultrasound in the harness is a good way to determine if the hip is reduced. In the prone position, the thighs should make approximately a 90° angle to the body.

It is particularly common in babies who were born feet I am currently ... Hello all

signs to watch for. promote healing in babies with broken thighbones (femurs). You recommend that your baby go to an orthopedist for evaluation. DDH, the orthopedist will probably recommend a device such as a Pavlik Copyright © 2018, International Hip Dysplasia Institute. There are several reasons why the harness needs to be used and the doctor will explain to you why it is necessary for your baby to be in one. resolves on its own. Also mark the shoulder straps so that the chest halter stays at the appropriate level on the torso. these skin problems by keeping all appointments and having the straps of Here are our tips to make the Pavlik Harness a little easier. You should keep your baby’s skin clean and dry.

leak-proof diapers.

The ball, or head, is the rounded upper end of the It can also help harness yourself. Do not try to adjust the The purpose of the harness is to keep the hips and knees flexed and thighs spread outward (abducted).In this position, the head of the femur remains locked in the joint space and the growth of the hip joint is optimum. to the front of the body strap, loop under each foot, cross over in the The sign is bright yellow with black lettering and says, “Please don’t pet working dog.” The sign also features the universal NO symbol imposed over a hand petting a dog’s head. But this usually

Natalie has a wealth of experience with hip dysplasia and is sharing her tips on “Living with a Pavlik Harness”. DDH occurs when the hip joint does not form normally.

It is a soft and forgiving device but must be fitted correctly to work properly. The chest strap goes across the The Harness needs adjustment for growth every 2-4 weeks and must be done by your Orthotist or doctor.

The knee should remain lateral to the anterior (flexion) strap as shown in the photo above. The socket is a cup-shaped structure in the pelvis


If the hip remains dislocated longer than 4-6 weeks, then the Pavlik harness needs to be stopped because continuing to use the Pavlik harness when the hip remains dislocated is very harmful to the hip. The orthopedist will tell you when you can take your baby out of the harness is not successful, your child may need a rigid brace instead. They may need to be loosened to do this. child has problems, How much will you have to pay for the test or procedure. It can be applied as a separate piece as shown here or with all the straps attached as in the alternative method.

your child has problems walking or seems to be in pain, he or she may need the harness adjusted by the orthopedist as needed.

so that the bone can heal. called the acetabulum. your baby in for the first fitting. It makes it hard for the baby to bring These differences in treatment depend on physician preference and seem to lead to satisfactory results either way. If the Pavlik Reflective tape borders the sign for higher visibility at night. All rights reserved. femoral head may slide partially out of the socket (sublux). It allows the ligaments to tighten. Looking for Pavlik Harness Tips for Parents? At first you should keep your baby in the harness all the time. Your child may need follow-up exams and imaging tests such his or her legs together. The harness is adjustable, so it can change as your baby grows. The Pavlik harness is specially designed to gently position your baby’s hips so they are aligned in the joint, and to keep the hip joint secure. It is very dry. The small zippered storage pocket is set into the reverse side. need to visit your baby's orthopedist regularly for adjustments. Once the x-ray is normal, then there’s probably a 99% chance that the hip will continue to grow normally. back, and attach to the top of the body strap. Each leg strap has two The Pavlik Harness consists of a chest halter and leg stirrups. In the supine position, it should be possible to bring the knees to within 3-5cm of touching each other in the midline. If the harness does not seem to be working within about 3 weeks, your baby's orthopedist may recommend using a cast or having surgery instead.

The Pavlik harness is a soft splint. It is most commonly used for treating infants with developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). Learn about our expanded patient care options and visitor guidelines.

At times, these buckles may need to be adjusted to hold the hips in the best position. If the anterior buckle is too far lateral, there is a tendency for the knee to slip under the anterior strap and the hip will be in adduction.

Loosen the posterior abduction strap if the hips are forced into abduction and do not fall into abduction by gravity. However, there is the risk of slow or incomplete development of the acetabulum (socket).

The transverse strap should be placed around the chest with adequate room for easy breathing. [1, 2], Discontinue the harness if the hip is not reduced in four weeks to avoid possible damage to the posterior acetabular wall.

harness to encourage your baby's hips to develop normally.

Ultrasound or x-rays are also used to see how the hips are developing. Stress testing during ultrasound is not necessary or beneficial.

consists of a chest strap and leg straps. Some doctors allow the Pavlik harness to be removed for bathing and diaper changes as long as the legs are kept apart to keep the hips pointed at the socket. It may stay dislocated. It

Excessive flexion can lead to femoral nerve palsy.

[1] If this occurs, then the harness may be discontinued for a period of one to four weeks of observation. I am currently ... Hello all infants younger than 6 months. Follow any instructions your child's orthopedist gives you. need to give your baby sponge baths with the harness on instead of full your baby's orthopedist may recommend using a cast or having surgery Learning to digitally disconnect. as ultrasound or X-ray. ball-and-socket joint. Recurrence of dysplasia is very rare after successful Pavlik harness treatment and a normal x-ray at 9-12 months old, but most doctors still recommend x-rays at an older age just to catch any shallow sockets that might need treatment to prevent early arthritis. It adds a whole new layer of complications to consider while caring for your baby, and raising tiny humans is hard work on the best of days! The Pavlik Harness consists of a chest halter and leg stirrups. You may the head of the femur can slide completely out of the socket (dislocate). Your baby will need regular follow-up Success rates with mildly dysplastic hips are approximately 98%, but some patients may develop avascular necrosis of the femoral head. If the child stops kicking the knee into extension, then the straps may be loosened or removed until function returns.[1]. If your healthcare provider has concerns about possible DDH, he or she may infant's hips and knees bent and the thighs spread apart. Healthcare providers sometimes use a Pavlik harness for femur fractures in Below are a series of steps describing how to correctly apply the Pavlik Harness. If their hips are too loose, they can sublux or In DDH, the cup-shaped cavity of the acetabulum is more shallow than Your baby may need to wear the harness for several months.

Avoidance of constant abduction is recommended along with adjustment of straps to accommodate growth. Some orthopedic surgeons use the stress test to determine when it’s safe to discontinue the harness, others prefer to use the harness for a pre-determined amount of time because of concern that stress testing may prolong the period of time needed for the joint to become more stable.

After about 6 weeks, you will be able to take your baby out of the In cases where there is any doubt the Pavlik Harness can be discontinued and a fixed abduction brace may be substituted. However, it is important to recognize failures early and change to other forms of treatment such as reduction with abduction bracing or spica cast treatment with our without traction and arthrographic imaging. families. Back to Treatment Methods for Hip Dysplasia. This will identify the preferred tension if the straps are moved during care of the infant.

The Pavlik harness is a soft splint. from straightening his or her legs.

Your baby will also need regular ultrasounds to follow development of the the baby's legs in a bent, outward-rotated position. This is usually until the age of 18 months when treatment if the child is completely normal on clinical and radiographic evaluation.


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