Marika what if someone from space was looking down on earth and seeing all the humans as ants. We often can shy away from this as a responsibility and play it small but in the end this serves no one and actually ends up causing delay for all. We should be questioning why we have avoided this for so long as such a way of being clearly holds the answers we so badly need. They do not use words, and yet they know where to go and what to do – they use body language predominantly with phermones etc. Or do we live as true role-models, without perfection and with the deepest humbleness, for how life can be when we are all in brotherhood? In 10% of cases, the group lost coordination and each ant was on his own. We simply continue in our purpose and not to harm anyone. All of this in just one minute… an extraordinary and timely experience that left quite an impression on me, so I did some research on ants. Respect  However, when the ants were faced with extremely heavy objects, their movement became less flexible. Political Joke. Perhpas we should be less quick to get rid of them and be more open to reading the significant messages that they are reflecting back to us. Have you even noticed a group of ants at work? Nature teaches us so many invaluable lessons if we but stop and notice what is going on around us.

“The role of an ant may change with age and depending upon the needs of the colony they simply do what is needed and thus do not consider any role as less.”. There is nothing complicated about human life and we have all the support that we need. Humility  Rather, some individuals supply the ‘brains’ and the role of the group is to amplify the ‘muscle’ power of savvy individuals so they can actually move the load.”  No doubt, we have a lot to learn from ants day in and day out ! More than this, the leader must ensure that the members of the team are aligned to the mission. Joke: Why you and the boss are totally different, Next article This experience on my walk was a gift from nature, reflecting to me the next evolutionary step of true leadership and teamwork. I wish to correct the impression that is being perpetrated. … Humour When Chuck Yeager Broke the Sound Barrier With Broken Ribs, Donald Trump Won, No Matter What Happens Next, My daughter was a creative genius, then we bought her an iPhone, Here’s what marijuana actually does to your body and brain, 20 Things Most People Learn Too Late In Life, They supported each other every step of the way, Two of the ants were carrying the 3rd ant who was held in the middle, constantly sharing the load and the lead as they crossed the path, The ant leading the way was always changing — they were sharing leadership so there was never one leader, The equality and teamwork between each ant was very much felt, Their movements were swift and performed with care. The queen ant lays approx. The leader of our team treats everyone as equals, the level of respect and love can be deeply felt. Love that the role of the any will change with age – this is yet another pearl that we would do well to listen to. This blog has just reminded me of the importance of the part I play in any group work. Integration  Marika, I loved reading about ants in this article and really enjoyed the simplicity of this; ‘The role of an ant may change with age and depending upon the needs of the colony they simply do what is needed and thus do not consider any role as less.’. Nature shows us everything and that is its purpose. Yes, perhaps we could build that into parenting – role model commitment and brotherhood. The ants were able to reorganize into new formations when faced with obstacles. We are more than 170.000 people who like, Start learning spanish with our great collection of. If we did, we would know what Love felt, sounded and looked like.

Living with a sense of purpose helps us to weather any storm that may come our way. If only humanity stopped relying on their physical senses as our other senses are there, just dominant and then we wonder why we react or are affected by what’s going around us. Women In Livingness Magazine. So it got me to thinking — what if our work and home environments functioned from the same selfless quality of leadership and teamwork that ants do? We can reflect our qualities to others, whether they’re inspired or not is also their choice too. There is a purpose and we don’t know exactly what it is but it truly can be felt. Every ant knows its role and carries out its task with commitment and without hesitation.


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