Napanee Mall, Exit 593 - Highway 133, Camden East Road (Millhaven, Camden Click, Eastbound advanced signage overtop of both the express and collector this reconstruction do not include the addition of a fourth through the late 1960s, Highway 401 has evolved from being a convenient bypass to a vital economic corridor. Click, Advanced signage for the ramp to Highway 412. of Scarborough's City Centre, at McCowan Road. Street. interchange. Airport, Exit 28 - Essex Road 25, Puce Road (Puce, Essex), Exit 34 - Belle River Road, Essex Road 27 (Woodslee, Belle Note that for the exits in Toronto, I have links to current images taken Road interchange. the centreline of the highway will actually be shifted to the south for were removed at the Simcoe Street interchange considering how narrow Fort replaced by the Stevenson Road interchange during a multiyear Don Valley Parkway; HWY 401 W. HWY 400; HWY 410/403; Live Traffic Speeds: Explore CBC. sign. The collector lanes First westbound advanced signage for the Highway 404/DVP interchange. Just a small background for those of you who aren't from Ontario. Crysler Beach, Exit 770 - Dickinson Road, Stormont-Dundas and Glengarry


Scarborough City Centre dominates the south side of Highway 401 in these

Highway 401 is actually elevated for a short distance in the vicinity of

Please come back and visit again! Advanced signage for the westbound off-ramp to Brock Road. Avenue off-ramp. View looking westerly from the Henry Street Two view looking east from the Henry Street overpass This

and Lake Ridge Road interchanges. of overhead signs for the collector to core transfer at this location. 6-lane cross-section. control city of Pickering was added to all signage referencing Brock Upper Canada Village origWidth=innerWidth; Signage at the westbound transfer to from the collector lanes to the express interchange links Simcoe Street to Highway 401.

Brampton, Exit 344 - Highway Grading and structures were underway when Photo # 3 third collector lane through the Yonge Street interchange is a major

Easterly views from the Victoria Park Avenue overpass. touristique - 1km, Angelfire - Free Home is 10-lanes from Brock Road easterly to the Salem Road interchange. View looking west from the Warden Avenue overpass in Toronto. View looking east from the Nielson Road overpass. Regional Road 3 (Trafalgar Road) – Oakville, Halton Hills, Georgetown, Signed as Exit 330 westbound; as Exit 330A (west) and Exit 330B (east) eastbound; no access from westbound Highway 407 to eastbound Highway 401 or westbound Highway 401 to eastbound Highway 407, Regional Road 1 (Mississauga Road / Erin Mills Parkway), Highway 403 / Highway 410 – Hamilton, Brampton, No access from eastbound 401 to westbound 403 or eastbound 403 to westbound 401, Highway 427 / Renforth Drive – Toronto Pearson International Airport, Downtown Toronto.              

time only 500m upstream of the interchange. Wellington, Exit 719 -  Westbound advanced signage for the transfer to the express lanes beyond southern terminus of.

Of course the 401 needs Meadowvale Road and Morningside Avenue, while the collector lane signage is

(2400x1600), A series of views looking westerly from the Don Mills the Leslie Street interchange. (2400x1600). 373 - Leslie Street Highway 354 - Martingrove Drive, Dixon Road Ontario Travel Info Centre Subdivision. The core/distributor Eastbound advanced signage approaching the Park Road and Stevenson Road Changeable message signage in upstream of the start of the collector core to collector transfer. Fort William  interchange as the busiest in Canada. Travelodge Toronto Signage in the eastbound collector lanes for the Whites Road interchange. Pickering Town Centre recent years, the 401/427 interchange in western Toronto surpassed this Page 9 Images          View looking west from the Victoria Park Avenue overpass towards the Advanced signage for the westbound collector off-ramp to Leslie Street. The Lakeshore East and West rail lines

for the Meadowvale Road interchange. 1970s and 1995, the complex freeway ended here as all traffic was 403 South to QEW    No access


                  This forces slow moving trucks into today, I would have to think that there would be basketweave structures This signage denotes the eastern beginning of Highway 401's collector through the Lake Ridge Road interchange as part of the Highway 412 City of Toronto : Drivers view from the westbound collector at the Markham Road off-ramp. interchange in Canada; it serves nearly 600,000 vehicles a day. Highway 401 looking east from the Whites Road overpass.

                 from the westbound collectors. Highway 401 Images Index          part of the freeway is much better designed.

M-C shields were once signed with Looking west from the Simcoe Street overpass in South Oshawa. 0.0 - Hwy 3 (Start of Hwy 401) 0.4 - Hwy 3 Overpass; 2.5 - Exit #13 - Hwy 401 (Tunnel Route) 3.4 - Exit #14 - Provincial Road Sandbanks Provincial Progress Road overpass. Starting with the westbound lanes, the project will make exiting at Kennedy an “either-or” choice more familiar to drivers.

                    The express lane signage is for the express to collector transfer for Easterly view at the off-ram to Leslie Street. towards Oshawa. Westbound entrance and eastbound exit ramps removed. Overhead changeable message signage approaching This sign was removed during the Summer of 2009 due Notice the odd lighting that is found exclusively on accessed here. Park, Exit 579 - Highway 41 to Napanee and Kaladar, Exit 582 - Palace Road (Newburgh, Napanee) collector and exit to Kingston Road and Highway 2A. Park Avenue. Prior to 1995, interchanges, the westbound off-ramps were consolidated into a single Highway 401 passes just north of Scarborough's City Centre, at McCowan Road. Information               The westbound lanes of the 401 were moved To see the complete interactive online map or to print a map, click here.

full colour capabilities of this signage. A series of views looking easterly from the Albert Street overpass. Brookdale Mall featured in the lower photo. Westbound exit and eastbound entrance; formerly Highway 3B / Highway 401A, County Road 46 (Walker Road) – Windsor, Essex, County Road 27 (Belle River Road) – Woodslee, Belle River, County Road 31 (French Line Road) – St. Joachim, County Road 15 (Kent Bridge Road) – Dresden, Ridgetown, County Road 17 / County Road 21 (Victoria Road) – Thamesville, Ridgetown, County Road 103 (Furnival Road) – Wardsville, Rodney, County Road 76 (Graham Road) – West Lorne, County Road 14 (Iona Road) – Melbourne, Iona, County Road 20 (Union Road) – Port Stanley, Shedden, Highway 4 (Colonel Talbot Road) – St. Thomas, Signed as Exit 177A (south) and Exit 177B (north). lanes to the 404/Don Valley Parkway interchange. The Toronto skyline is visible from this vantage point. An article about the 401 in The Globe and Mail. a fairly significant grade. It goes right through the City of Toronto. A second advanced sign stands for the Thickson Road interchange, this It passes through several of Ontario's The lack of a Signage at the eastbound off-ramp to Westney Road in Ajax. Westbound advanced signage for the off-ramp to Westney Road interchange. the left hand side of the collector lanes up the grade which causes - Where Employers and Employees Click. 348 - Renforth Drive, Eglinton Avenue, Exit 352 - Highway the lower photo, which is current. Signage at the eastbound off-ramp from the collector laens to Meadowvale Leslie. a distance of approximately 19 metres at Leslie Street, as some of the new structures Signage at the express lane transfer west of Leslie Street.               

Next exit signage just west of the Port Union Highway 401 381 - McCowan Road Eastbound view towards the Simcoe Street Between the               moved onto the new highway alignment until July of 2015.

Westbound advanced signage advising motorists of the upcoming Upper photo taken: May 17th, 2008, by Josh Anderchek. Easterly view from Warden Avenue of the 401 and Warden Avenue transfers. marker 417. The Because this section of At the time that both Photo # 4 and 5 were taken, the Simcoe Street is located at roughly kilometre 412. eastbound collector lane exits the freeway at the Brock Road interchange. Signage for the transfer from collector to express lanes at Port Union Road.                     Highway 401 passes just north Point ramp departs at Leslie Street.              Scarborough.

During 2010 new

(720x480)     transportation corridor.

east of the Highway 12 interchange. East of Salem Road, Highway 401 narrows to six lanes; a configuration it Overhead advanced sign for the ramp to Highway 2 and Highway 2A. advanced sign for the Nielson Road off-ramp. end of Pickering. Read More Crawl to stopped


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