[7] Debris was cleaned up quickly. Regina Theatre advertisement: "Benefit Performance by the Distinguished Comedienne Henrietta Crosman".

Wiki User Answered . Dagmar Skamlová' "Regina Cyclone." "[5], Damage from the tornado is estimated to be F4 on the Fujita scale. It also rendered 2,500 persons temporarily homeless, and caused over $1,200,000 in property damage. The Albini-Avolos staged benefit performances for the tornado victims at the Regina Theatre on July 1 and 2. City in ruins.” That six-word message, received in the Winnipeg Telegraph Office shortly before five p.m. on Sunday, 30 June 1912, announced the most destructive cyclone in Canadian history. It was approximately 150 metres (490 ft) wide. Liked it? Seven years after being declared the capital of Saskatchewan, things were looking… [15], Over the years, some historians have mistakenly placed Karloff as a member of Crosman's company or as a member of the vaudevillian Albini-Avolos Company, which was a third theatrical troupe in Regina at the time of the 1912 tornado. Many buildings, both brick and wood, were entirely destroyed. Asked by Wiki User. The Regina cyclone, hit Saskatchewan on June 30, 1912, killing 28. In 1958, Karloff appeared on the talk and game show Front Page Challenge[12] where he was featured not because of his fame as a Hollywood actor, but because of his association with the Regina Cyclone of 1912. Freight Depot and the Telephone Exchange. [R-A6675-13] Houses on street (possibly 11th Avenue) damaged by cyclone. "Benefit Nets $150 for Storm Victims: Albini-Avolos Company at Regina Theatre Play to Packed House", Learn how and when to remove this template message, List of Canadian tornadoes and tornado outbreaks, "Storm of the century: the Regina tornado of 1912", http://www.reginalibrary.ca/about/history.html, "Presbyterian Church after Cyclone, c. 1912", "CBC News: Boris Karloff and Regina tornado theme of new play", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Regina_Cyclone&oldid=977355016, Articles needing cleanup from February 2012, Cleanup tagged articles without a reason field from February 2012, Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from February 2012, Wikipedia articles that may have off-topic sections from May 2016, All articles that may have off-topic sections, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 September 2020, at 10:26.

“Cyclone hits Regina. It remains the deadliest tornado in Canadian history with a total of 28 fatalities. [R-A3329-13] Regina’s Public Library, following the tornado. "[I]n the warehouse district, it destroyed many of the storage buildings. English actor William Henry Pratt, better known by his stage name "Boris Karloff", was in Regina at the time of the tornado as a member of the Jeanne Russell Players, a struggling company of actors and singers. "Miss Crosman in 'The Real Thing': Charming Actress Sympathizes Deeply With Sufferers From Storm". [3], The tornado hit Regina at approximately 5:00 p.m. on June 30, 1912. "[4], "In just twenty minutes it completely leveled a number of houses, and caused other houses to explode as the pressure inside the structures rose when the tornado passed overhead. © 2011 Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan, Ressources en français / French Resources, 'Stopped in Their Tracks': The 1935 Regina Riot, Saskatchewan Legislative Building Time Capsule. "The new Central Library building was opened May 11, 1912, and just six weeks later, the new library was among the many buildings that suffered damage.

The tornado formed 18 km south of the city and was roughly 150 metres wide by the time it reached Regina. "[5] The affluent residential area to the south was substantially diminished, but the tornado left houses untouched here and there immediately adjacent to houses which were flattened. [R-A265-23] North side of Metropolitan Church after cyclone. The tornado travelled a reported 12 km further north of the city before dissipating. From February to May 1912, the name "Boris Karloff" appeared in theatre reviews published in the. On June 30, 1912, at approximately 5 p.m., one of the most severe tornados documented in Canada struck the city of Regina.

• Tropical cyclones form only over warm ocean waters near the equator. In the aftermath of the Regina Cyclone, approximately 2,500 people were left homeless and many downtown buildings were damaged or destroyed, including the newly-built central library, the Y.M.C.A. Who doesn't love being #1? [14] Her company staged a benefit performance of Catherine Chisholm Cushing's comedy "The Real Thing" at the Regina Theatre (12th Avenue and Hamilton Street, previously on the site of the old Hudson's Bay department store, opened in 1910) on July 4, 1912, with a portion of the proceeds going to the tornado relief fund. Rated as F4 on the Fujita scale (devastating, with winds of 331-417 km/h), the tornado – often referred to as the “Regina Cyclone” – formed about 18 km south of the city and travelled north, through several farmsteads before reaching Regina. REGINA CYCLONE; DAMAGE; Causes; Other Interesting Facts; Sources; Causes. Looking northeast. He remained in Regina until October 1912 when he joined the Harry St. Clair Players in Prince Albert. "[5], The city forced those rendered homeless by the disaster to pay for the nightly use of cots set up in schools and city parks. It remains the deadliest tornado in Canadian history with a total of 28 fatalities.

[R-A265-24] What was left of Government Telephone Exchange, situated 1700 block, east side of Lorne Street, after cyclone, June 30, 1912. Funded by Andrew Carnegie, the library had been officially opened just six weeks prior, on May 11, 1912. Looking east, Darke Block and post office in background. It also required homeowners to pay for the removal of rubble from their homes. Most of the city buildings and houses were rebuilt within the following year, though the loans taken out by the city and its residents to finance the rebuilding effort took almost 40 years to repay.

The Knox building was ultimately demolished. At about 4:50 p.m., green funnel clouds formed and touched down south of the city, tearing through the residential area between Wascana Lake and Victoria Avenue, and continuing through the downtown business district, rail yards, warehouse district, and northern residential area. Side view of Princess Theatre after tornado, Metropolitan Methodist Church after the tornado, Destroyed Winnipeg Elevator Company buildings, Damage to the YWCA immediately north of Metropolitan Methodist Church on Lorne Street, Coordinates: 50°26′53″N 104°36′53″W / 50.4480°N 104.61461°W / 50.4480; -104.61461, Metropolitan Methodist Church and YWCA after the Regina Cyclone. The Regina Cyclone, or Regina tornado of 1912, was a tornado that devastated the city of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, on Sunday, June 30, 1912. [R-A265-29] Corner of Lorne Street and 13th Avenue after cyclone on June 30, 1912. Be the first to answer this question. [R-A265-19] Ackerman block on Dewdney Street. It was a bustling community of 30,000 people, and was basking in the glow of a new Legislative building that had been built. June 30, 1912. The second deadliest was the July 31, 1989 tornado in Edmonton, Alberta, which killed 27. [10] The Jeanne Russell Players disbanded in Regina a day before the tornado struck, leaving Karloff stranded and broke. 5 6 7.

The Regina Cyclone, or Regina tornado of 1912, was a tornado that devastated the city of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, on Sunday, June 30, 1912. [R-A6675-6] View from Albert Street and 11th Avenue. This event was simply a natural disaster that was caused by natural effects within the planet, here is a look at how a "tropiocal cyclone" is formed. When did a cyclone happen? ), [RA-26933] View of Lorne Street, following the cyclone; two dogs can be seen on the road, as well as two unidentified women walking. (Photography by John “Jack” McKay. (Postcard.). The CPR Roundhouse was stripped to the rafters, and boxcars were pulled from the tracks and hurtled into the air. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/canadahehx/Cyclone.mp3 On June 30, 1912, the City of Regina progressed along as it always had for the previous 25 years. The tornado formed 18 kilometres (11 mi) south of the city and continued for another 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) north before dissipating. The only remaining "souvenir" of this event is different-coloured bricks on the north wall of Regina's Knox-Metropolitan United Church (the building of the pre-church union of 1925 Metropolitan Methodist), showing where the wall collapsed and was rebuilt. Three unidentified individuals can be seen on sidewalk in front of houses. Top Answer. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/canadahehx/Cyclone.mp3. Register to get answer. Knox and Metropolitan both became United Church in 1925, and merged their congregations in 1951 and became the Knox-Metropolitan Church. Where did the Regina cyclone tornado happen? (Rumsley Products Co., Agricultural Implements, 1341 Rose Street.). The tornado killed 28 people, injured hundreds, and left 2,500 people homeless, out of a population of about 30,213 (in 1911). [13], American stage actress Henrietta Crosman, who also later went on to Hollywood, was also in Regina at the time of the disaster and toured the devastation with members of her troupe.


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