("Jeter un Froid"), Regina cherche un moyen de dégeler Marianne. Irradiant de joie, Regina dit à son fils qu'ils vont enfin rentrer chez eux. Lorsqu'elle se réveille enfin, Regina retrouve Henry et l'embrasse sur le front, créant une onde magique d'amour qui brise la Malédiction. ("Deuxième Étoile à Droite…"), Après plusieurs décharges, ne parlant toujours pas, Regina apprend qu'Emma et Neal l'ont retrouvée et s'approchent du lieu. Robin (niece)Lucy Mills (adoptive granddaughter)Ella "Cinderella" Mills (adoptive daughter-in-law)David Nolan (stepson-in-law)King Xavier (paternal grandfather) †The Miller (maternal grandfather) † Il explique, face aux yeux incrédules du groupe, qu'il ne possède pas d'ombre, lui facilitant la tâche. She looks through one of the doors, watching Belle's counterpart locked in a cell. Snow White promises not to say anything, but when Cora subtly coerces her, she ends up telling her everything. Elle lui assure qu'elle a fait ce qu'il fallait quand elles sont interrompues par Henry qui a quelque chose d'important à montrer à ses mères.

Regina Mills est l'alter ego de la Méchante Reine et le maire de Storybrooke, dont le but est de se venger de Mary Margaret Blanchard. Regina continues to refute this, continuing to theorize that Rumple wants to get out of their previous deal and escape the curse, but the Dark One asks her why he'd do that, given that, not only has he been promised a cushy new life in the world he's entering with obliviousness, but he's exactly where he wants to be. Furieux, Greg lui envoie des décharges maximales avant de fuir, retrouvé par David. Regina Mills Snow becomes a bandit on the run and Regina is labelled as the Evil Queen all across the Enchanted Forest. Celle-ci se rapproche d'eux et lance une boule de feu dans leur direction. Later on, Regina tells her mother that Henry was right about her being destructive, adding that that when she gets her revenge, it'll be her own victory. David eventually finds the toadstool at the refugee camp next to a tent and takes it to Regina and Snow who are in the vault. Après un moment, Regina et Emma font disparaître leur fils et la méchante se moque d'elles, remarquant qu'elles se sont toutes deux battues pour être la mère de Henry et qu'aucune n'a gagné. Regina soon tells her sister that she used to be a lot like her, but then her enemies became her family and she would do anything for them now; she hopes the same thing can happen for her. ("La Couronne Pourpre"), Regina laisse Mary Margaret et David se disputer en paix.

After being bailed by Mary Margaret, Emma chops down Regina's cherished tree, horrifying her. Killian veut l'en sortir mais Regina l'en dissuade avant de découvrir qu'Emma retenait M. Gold prisonnier ici. She then announces the children will be put in separate foster homes and orders Emma to take them to their destinations. Regina later helps Jekyll find scraps needed to make a weapon to defeat Hyde, and then proceeds to return home where Zelena and her daughter are moving in. The Black Fairy’s attempts to make Emma feel as if she’s alone begin to work. Regina se fait passer pour un maître dur et détruit peu à peu le pont, essayant de pousser Emma à utiliser sa magie. When asleep in bed, Graham has images in his head about hunting. He assumes Regina set Belle up to make him lose his powers and then locks her away. Zelena doesn't like feeling like she's being judged by her sister and refutes her attempts to reconcile. ("Kansas"), Soon after, Rumplestiltskin begins to teach Regina the ways of the dark arts.


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