And how am I supposed to know what my serfs produce and thus I could have if I left the crafting menu, bought them and came back? It's not impenetrable. Assassin's Creed III PlayStation 3 . Assassin’s Creed 3 crafting recipes is accomplished via the accounting book, all these crafting books are featured in three different Sections: Recipes detail the ingredients that you need to craft the items, there is one recipe for each item you you craft in the game and you can also blind craft by choosing the right ingredients and artisans. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Wow, even if I click the harbormaster, if I do so after having clicked one of the circle dots first, it doesn't offer to fast travel to the harbormaster, it instead just sets a marker. It does have its perks though, so check it out and make som badass sword, daggers and guns. Side Quest: 5 … Assassin's Creed III; Where can I get flour to make bread? It will perpetually be red until you get the right people on your homestead and then buy their output. Big Dave (Blacksmith) crafts glass bottles, which are made from Sand (from Norris the Miner). Or an economy, for that matter. I'm in the eighth or so sequence, and I rarely am able to craft anything besides barrels and crates successfully. Shitty story, awful characters (especially Connor - wow), boring as hell cities, badly thought out optional objectives, infuriating checkpoints for trying to complete those optional objectives, and the whole frontier bit is just subpar Red Dead Redemption. For Assassin's Creed III on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "where do you find empty glass bottles for crafting? They have to fix up this game to be actually enjoyable, even if it doesn't lead to increased profits off this game, simply because it will increase future sales of follow-on games.

It's almost worse that it does run at 70+fps when you don't look at the city and instead are pointing the camera at the sky while climbing or in an area with less or no of the background city because when you do get into the meat of the game it makes the slow downs way more apparent. They're worth like like 5x what anything I can actually craft is worth.

And it deletes your marker altogether after dying. NPC's getting stuck who you have to follow and you got to restart game. Collect treasure chests.

And it still doesn't work on the house. Just stuff your naval convoys with enough bear pelts to buy all the Aquila upgrades and never look back. // Discussion. This Reshade preset provides a cinematic, yet realistic, vibrant, eye-popping look to the Assassin's Creed III Remastered game, inspired by Technicolor's Cinestyle color profile for Canon cameras. These are people that work in your homestead. And I'm not the only one fooled by this. Is this a PC problem? Let me start of by saying i loved practically all assassins creed games however this remaster seems to be a disaster in bugs. The crafting seems like it was built for a different game to me. Second the amount of bugs i found within the game itself from glitching on a wall i'm unable to jump off to unable to use my sword in fights. Welcome to the Assassins Creed III Walkthrough. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered bringt das 2012er-Spiel auf die aktuelle Konsolengeneration, überarbeitet auch für den PC die Grafik, ergänzt einige … It's shitty. There was no hint that you shouldn't bother trying to figure out how to craft.

This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll But apparently you don't. Assassins Creed 3 Crafting Recipes guide will give you through all the steps all the crafts. Add this game to my: Favorites. How do I solve (New York Magic Lantern solution)? Icons not showing on map likes chests and stuff which you bought from the shop. I really like the idea behind it, but as of now it is a very inefficient system. Best topic ever:, " yes you are [an alcoholic], you're just on sabbatical" -Starfirepenguin, where does this rank for an assassins creed game. Play Queue. Get Your Console Launch Day-ish Streams Here. I haven't finished the game, and I think I'll finish it next year, maybe they will have released a patch that makes it run a bit better as well. I am aware that it is still in its early days after release... but I have already encountered 2 game-breaking bugs with my first sit down of the game. Or if it's a component you must buy from your serfs at your homestead but you have not bought any of. where does this rank for an assassins creed game. You only need to engage in the game's economy on a deep level if you want all the ship upgrades. How do you disarm a jager and kill him with his own weapon? That makes crafting easier. Missions also not completing and just sticking to the screen btw fix for that is to restart game. It's a shame I can play every other video game on my PC at above 50+ pretty solidly with basically 99% of their settings maxed along with various tweaks to further different things (usually AA) yet AC3 runs so inconsistently. If one of them is red it means you don't have it. I'm pretty sure that crafting system was put in at the very last minute. First of all, I was given dozens of recipes (from chests I think) early in the game, before I could even craft. Just go for a low risk salesman and you're good. Although I’m thoroughly enjoying returning to Connor and the frontier, I am really disappointed in the bugs so far. Such as the timber and lumber you're looking for. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

You can fast travel to that from the ship. where do you find empty glass bottles for crafting. It just does a terrible terrible job of explaining any of this. So it is … Where do you find guard dogs to lure away using bait? Why does it cost more each time I craft a crate?

How do you disarm a jager and kill him with his own weapon. and the storms are neat. Heck, the game even tells you when you get that pistol as Haytham that you should craft a double holster, hours (Game time) before you could do so. Also, flint is not something that is crafted, in the real world it's an ore (rock) that is collected/mined. consists of 24 releases. It's a goddamn mess. How do you save your progress? It's not explained at all and has little effect on anything in the game. Right now if I fast travel to my homestead I end up out on the peninsula and I have to run around the water to my house to get there. The dumb ship mini-game is probably the best thing about the whole game, because it slightly reminds me of Pirates!


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