2007-10-07: KKAP STUDIOS (THIS REHEARSAL IS DEADICATED TO OUR FRIENDS GREG AND ROBIN, THE B.H.C AND THE HELLS ANGELS!! Virginia-based The Trongone Band will headline the inaugural "Stage on Stage" concert at the State Theatre in Easton. (Courtesy Photo).

he links the past and the present through a personal narrative that taps deep into the vein of folk with raw passion that sucks it dry and then cracks open the bones and sucks out the sweet, sweet marrow. Decaying infrastructure, Lost Love, rowdy nights on the town, and Good Times. But if you give it away, who’s gonna buy it? Thanks for visiting. get serenaded by violins Jan 01, 2014, ACOUSTIC KITTY PROJECT“SHINE”Review by Michael “Jacobs” McKennaAcoustic Kitty Project describes their originals as soulful acoustic tunes with heartfelt lyrics about love, loss, sweetness and sorrow intertwined with Roots rock, Americana music. Goin up to Gallows Hill, gonna have me a time A larger representation of Lehigh Valley artists, confusing categories and other observations and musings. I grew up in the shadows of rust Acoustic Kitty was a CIA project launched by the Directorate of Science & Technology in the 1960s attempting to use cats in spy missions. Bandcamp New & Notable Jul 20, 2019, Bandcamp Daily  your guide to the world of Bandcamp, The Outsider Insights of the Queer Country Quarterly, Shelby Earl Incorporates Soul and Gospel Into Her Rugged Roots Rock, Scene Report: Folk and Americana in Baton Rouge. Other days it’s hard to ignore That's what this not so little boy is made of At least about anything real.

This is also why I avoid taxis. After years of testing and training, the total bill for the project came in at $20 million (close to $160 million today). Whether playing as an acoustic solo act, or with a 5-piece band, Acoustic Kitty Project will connect to an audience with solid jams, gutsy vocals and timeless lyrics. Bandwagon Network Radio is the internet’s premier 24/7 Internet Radio Station. But it’s just another job and another line T) 01-Fiddling Around T) 02-Deadication to Greg & Robin T) 03-The God Song (First time Played) T) 04-Deadication to Greg & Robin(2) T) 05-Deadication to Greg & Robin(3) T) 06-The Wedding Song T) 07-Flying Free T) 08-Rolling Harley T) 09-Deadication to Triple H T) 10-I Am Kind T) 11-Seal Smashing Sons Of Bitches(This shit has to stop!) But I knew that there had to be more I'd rather take it to the streets where the girls can stand the heat. You gotta make ‘em pay Acoustic Kitty Project Acoustic Kitty Project. Jimmy had a job on the Penn-Del Line

New on Third Man, “Other Girls” is haunted country music of the highest order, all elements suffused in reverb.

Try to get a record deal The Kitt/Katt Acoustic Project. If there’s anyone left that gives a damn Expand your digital library while supporting local music.

Ranking are based on a formula that includes spins, listener counts & listener ratings. I just wanted all basis covered. It's nice to get all done up and fancy I can build my brand and live in a van I'll take raunchy every time.

Bandcamp New & Notable Aug 5, 2019, Cauthen's mix of classic country and old-school soul come together on this album about coming back from the brink. The concert proved to be a successful evening of firsts for the 91-year-old Easton venue. Acoustic Kitty Project Two Rivers Brewing Company, Easton: Two Rivers Brewing Company, … Finally, the day came to send Acoustic Kitty on its first mission.

But, we do it anyway.Soulful acoustic music with heartfelt lyrics about love, loss, sweetness and sorrow. Saturday Night is Acoustic Kitty Project's second release.

Goin up Gallows Hill, gonna have me a time “One Thing” comes from the heart and tells a wonderful story. Fun is not a sin. Read More. The concert proved to be a successful evening of firsts for the 91-year-old Easton venue. PHOTOS: The Trongone Band, Acoustic Kitty Project rock inaugural 'Stage on Stage' concert at State Theatre. Than breaking your back and selling your soul ), 2006-06-03: Wells Bridge Fire Department Pavillion. At a another kind of Company Store. Before they closed the papers mill down. These are the Top 100 songs including ties, for June 2020 on Bandwagon Network Radio. Acoustic Kitty Project Acoustic Kitty Project takes its name from a failed CIA experiment to implant listening devices in stray cats. Cause every man has his price. These are the Top 100 songs including ties, for June 2020 on Bandwagon Network Radio.


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