If you're taking in a dress with a looser style, sew a fabric casing onto the waist instead. When Peter Lappin began sewing 10-plus years ago, little did he know that he would end up with a closet full of garments. Try on the dress and adjust the pins if needed. This was much easier than I expected and it looks nice.

Yes, you need to create a new seamline most of the time, I just eyeball it. Although you could take in the dress by hand, a sewing machine will make stronger, more uniform stitches. The casing should now be right side out. Once you have these measurements written down, take all the pins out.

This can give your dress a more polished look. (In this case, you could hang the dress from the straps since they are so wide.). Use the ribbons to prevent that problem. Turn the tube right side out. We’ll lap the ends over each other later. I will if I have to, but it really doesn’t happen that often. I had planned on putting darts in the dress to take it up. I am so very happy to have found your website. Incorporating a design detail that calls attention to a strong shoulder line will…, I’ve always loved the beaded sweaters that were popular in the 1950s. Stephanie, After reading your blog I built up the courage and advertised a little bit. Try the ill-fitting dress on inside out and place a narrow belt around the desired waist location to determine where the elastic should sit.

thank you so much for the reply, I meant I am altering a mother of the bride dress, sorry for not being specific and i realize asking such a question would be unfair as one never knows what goes into the alteration, I will quote them per hour, as am going to see them tomorrow. If you look at the very first photo above, you’ll see that I pinned the dress from the patterned bust area down into the solid colored blue fabric. If you are working on the left side, follow the left side measurements.

Now, work with one of those side seams at a time. I always transfer the…, There are many reasons to repurpose clothing into new designs. Then, cut the fabric to a wide strip that's longer than the measurement for the waistline circumference. Hope that helps! 5. But in most cases, you’ll want to add that interfacing back into the seam before you stitch it. Then, type the topic you're interested in into the search box. For example, if your waistline measured , cut the strip long and wide. If the dress feels too tight, consider letting out some of the fabric at the waist. Remember to wear eye protection. In this case, I did not let the interfacing get caught into the seam. Try the dress on right side out once more to check the fit and adjust the elastic as necessary. Take in the waist to improve the fit and you'll feel like you've got a brand new dress. Please share your comments below. Take in the waist to improve the fit and you'll feel like you've got a brand new dress. Thanks for sharing this useful information...really very helpful!!! Remove the dress and mark each side seam from the armhole to the waist. And it is a lot of fun. All you need is a fabric strip, a safety pin, and 1/4-inch-wide elastic to achieve this look.

They can stretch out if you hang the garment by the spaghetti straps. It usually means that you have to take out a few more understitching stitches on either side of the opening so that the new seamline flows well. Do you see the pins in the side seam? 9.

Ensure that each pin goes through both sides of the dress.

(This is the waist seam).

Just be sure that if you take in the back zipper, it doesn’t pull the side seams toward the back of the dress causing it to hang improperly.

( Log Out /  For example, you might want to take in a dress by on each side so it fits better. Put on the inside-out dress along with a thin belt.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Take out the old seam and press the new seam open. ... Take your shoulder-to-waist measurements for a bodice. This article is actually more than my dress although there is boning in the side to deal with after taking in the bust. I saw them from time…, If you typically find that garments are too loose over and around the bust, you may need to make a small-bust adjustment. This will prevent puckering when you sew the new seams.

Mark around the waistline with fabric chalk. Sew a straight stitch along the seam lines you marked. Lay that intersection flat and pin it if necessary to keep it from slipping.

On a sheet of paper, I mark down “L” for the left side of the dress and “R” for the right side. My 40th birthday is coming up week after next and my dear husband has planned an incredible getaway for us. ( Log Out /  They were luxurious, elegant, and surely reserved for the most special of occasions. Easy way to take in the waist of pants (No cutting, No Machine) How to Take in Jeans at the Waist. Pin the casing just below the waistline you marked on the dress. I run a measuring tape down the side seam from the top. I have been sewing a long time and typically do not like to do alterations.

During a recent closet overhaul, I found a dress I hadn’t worn in years simply because it was a few sizes too big. It really is that easy to transform an ill-fitting dress into a wardrobe essential. There are other options as well. I know more or less what to charge per hour but am not sure approx how long it would take to make the “mother of the groom” dress with a lining smaller as well as the time to take for a jacket as per your alteration for narrower shoulders. Continue pinning the casing around the entire dress directly beneath the waistline marking. This was another take-in the waist band I did on a pair of my shorts. Just push them all to the lining side of the dress. Pin the seam in place just below the waistline marking.

Wrap a piece of elastic around your body’s preferred waistline. In the photo above, do you see that the two rows of stay stitching have been removed?

Feed the elastic through to the opposite side. Once you're happy with how the pinned dress fits, take it off and lay it on your work surface. If you'd like the elastic casing to stand out, use a different fabric that complements the dress.

It helps me to see what you are describing. Do you have any other favorite techniques for easily taking in garments? Making adjustments to a muslin to improve a garment’s fit is an important part of my sewing process. We’re going to alter the seam I have in my left hand (the skirt part) and the one to the right of my hand (the bodice section). Insert the safety pin through one layer of fabric to turn the tube right side out. Wish me the best! If you turn the garment right side out, you’ll see how the ribbon is in the correct place: We are now going to stay stitch the edge of the dress.

Place the dress on a flat surface and measure the dress’s circumference along the chalk marking. If you like the way the waist fits, your dress is ready to wear! Then, place your ruler on the dress and insert pins so they lie in the direction of the seam. If you are going to take in an inch of the dress at the top, be sure to rip out about 2 inches of stay stitching so you’ll be able to work inside the dress easily. This means that some of the alteraion is occuring below that horozontal seam and we need to open up that seam to make the alteration. (Note: A 1/4-inch-wide piece of elastic was used in this example. Let me know if it doesn’t. This dress came from a mother of a groom and it needed to be taken in in the bust area, so I’d like to show you how to do that. With right sides together, fold the casing in half lengthwise and press. Hook a safety pin to 1 end of the casing and pull the casing right side out. Alas, as with every woman, I have nothing to wear!

If the seam allowance does not show through to the outside, this saves you having to turn the tube. Tip: Be sure to choose a casing fabric that has a similar weight to the main dress fabric and doesn’t show through when placed inside the garment.

Next, stitch the casing’s bottom open edge by hand or machine. It should match the measurement you took.

The fabric chalk should dissolve when you wash the dress.

Do you see how I have pins at the 1″, 4″, 6″ marks, etc? Measure the excess fabric from the newly pinned seamline to the old seam.

Take it out just before you get to it. If you have sewing related questions, click on the magnifying glass icon on the upper right side of any page. Sometimes, there are a few stitches holding the front fabric to the lining fabric. Don’t run over the pin, though. We’ll start with the bodice section (the printed fabric) first. Make sure you line up the raw edges of the ribbons to the raw edge of the dress and lining. Cut a 1 3/4-inch-wide strip of fabric the length of the dress’s circumference plus 1 inch. Now, sew, using the pin’s entrance into the fabric as your guide to sewing the new seam. Finish this section by folding the tube in half and turning in the raw edges so they align with the rest of the tube. This will mark the new seam. Try to match the current curve of the seam line.


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