Tragedy would strike, when at the tender age of 12, Clarita’s mother passed away, leaving her to fend for herself on the dangerous streets. Over the next week, Clarita would be relentlessly attacked by these unseen demonic creatures, with other prisoners claiming that they could sometimes see her writhing about and being tossed around her cell during these mysterious attacks, yet the assailants were invisible to them. He was granted permission to meet with her, and when she was led into the room things would escalate very quickly, turning into a spiritual brawl between Sumrall and the evil forces accosting Clarita. Some reports even claim that she felt compelled to shove the paper into her mouth and chew it up, with no recollection of why she had done so. They would bite deep into her, leaving ugly, painful bruises. Clarita was taken to be examined by psychiatrists and doctors, and while she was found mentally sound, no one could account for how these bite marks were appearing on her body or what was happening to her. However, this was not the end of it by a long shot. As a result, the web page can not be displayed. Others tried to chalk it up to an act and magic trick the girl was putting on in order to escape her miserable life and seek attention, but there was still the fact that many had witnessed these bite marks appear, and it could not be explained how she should get such injuries in places where she could not reach, especially since she was kept in a cell by herself under constant observation. It also had a reputation for being rather haunted, and it was to this ominous, dank place that Clarita was thrown into one of the gloomy cells to languish awaiting trial. He then asked the staff to describe her attackers to him, and Sumrall would write: Who were these alien entities? We have 10 records for Clarita Villanueva ranging in age from 41 years old to 120 years old. Even the cartoonists were soon drawing pictures of the entities from Clarita’s descriptions, as the bitings continued day by day. Please complete the security check to access. Sumrall says of this confrontation: As Clarita was being led into the room, she looked at them and said nothing, but when she saw me she screamed violently: ‘I hate you!’ Instantly I inserted: ‘I know you hate me. Mysterious Universe is a property of 8th Kind Pty Ltd, Second Cable Mysteriously Fails and Causes More Damage to the Arecibo SETI Observatory, The Cursed and Haunted Mansion of Jean Harlow, Phantom Black Dogs and the Realm of the Dead, Ancient Lake Bed Discovered Underneath Greenland’s Thick Ice, Ghost With Glowing Eyes Photographed Where Seven Monks Burned to Death in the 1500’s, Ghost of the Machine: Sounds in the Paranormal, The Bizarre World of Evidence for Alternate Universes. Little did anyone know that as that cage was slammed shut things were about to spiral way out into the weird. One morning, she mistakenly offered her service to a plainclothes police officer and was incarcerated at the Old Bilibid Prison (now Manila City Jail), since she was a minor and prostitution is a crime in the city. Within 15 minutes of sitting beside next to her, bite marks appeared on her index finger and neck. A demonic possession occurred on May 1953 when Clarita Villanueva, a 17-year-old girl incarcerated at the Manila City Jail, was bitten and tormented by two demonic entities. After hearing all of the stories, he made his way out to the Philippines and Bilibid Prison to see Clarita for himself, and was immediately aware of how frightened the prison staff was. It’s all a very spectacular account, and has managed to be written of in countless articles and books since, notably appearing in Fate Magazine and in Frank Edwards’ popular 1954 book Stranger Than Science, but this is part of the problem with it. As soon as she arrived it could be seen by all present that something very unusual was going on, when she flew into one of her episodes, bucking and writhing as the medical team tried to hold her down. The original report given by Sumrall, which is where most of the available information comes from, is loaded with religious imagery and talk of devils and God, as well as much patting of his own back at how he drove away Satan and saved the poor girl, and so it is unclear how much of his account is even true or not. The large one, Clarita said, was a monster in size. Clarita Villanueva being restrained during an attack [Larger version here] Lacson was shocked to see what appeared to be human bite marks that he knew Villanueva had not made herself, one on her neck, and one on her index finger that appeared while Lacson was holding her hand; his palm was covering the digit when the wound appeared. The most likely cause is that something on your server is hogging resources. Even the newspaper reports all add different, sometimes conflicting details, and while here I have given the most common version of events, there are other variations as well, and so we are left to wonder just where fantasy ends and reality begins. Tags Bizarre demon Demonic Possession ghost attack ghosts haunting modern mysteries mysterious people Paranormal unexplained phenomena unsolved mystery. For more information governing the permitted and prohibited uses of BeenVerified, please review our “Do’s & Don’ts” and our Terms & Conditions. Clarita Villanueva was arrested on charges of vagrancy. Copyright © Mysterious Universe. What happened to Clarita Villanueva? If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. See Clarita's age, contact number, house address, email address, public records & run a background check.

He simply died. Dr. Lara, the prison physician, appealed for help through the media and permitted many to view the strange phenomenon. Lacson was holding her hands when she was bitten. When asked what had happened, she claimed that she had been attacked by phantom entities, one which she described as “a very big dark man with curly hair all over the body,” and the other a smaller one with “an angelic face and a big mustache.” There was no one else in the cell with her, no way that anyone could have entered and gotten out, and despite the anomalous bite marks the guards just assumed she was having a panic episode and merely left her there in the cell. By now people were talking about demonic possession, and this is what would ultimately draw Sumrall to the case. He would climb up her body to bite her upper torso. This is something that goes way back to the dark, dim past.”. Filipino, Chinese and American doctors, university professors, and other professionals were called in to analyze the situation. The news media soon caught wind of the occurrence and sent reporters out to investigate. BeenVerified does not provide private investigator services, and is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Report Act because the information provided by BeenVerified is not collected or provided, in whole or in part, for the purpose of furnishing consumer reports about those search subjects.

As all of this was going on there were those trying to explain it rationally. By the time she was 17, Clarita knew the streets and her trade very well, and she had taken to hanging out at bars trying to lure men in, and in May of 1953 it seems she approached the wrong guy. The chief jailer had a confrontation with the girl. Clarita looked at the jailer in cold, inhuman hate and said: ‘You will die!’ Within four days the man was dead and buried, the second person to fall victim to her curse. Clarita Villanueva, 18, of Manila(Philippines), is watched anxiously by the city’s mayor (with glasses) as she is held by police, doctor and a nurse. Her eyes were burning coals of fire and full of hate. In 1953, 18-year-old Clarita Villanueva of Bacolod City hit the headlines both here and abroad. [1], Clarita Villanueva whose mother was a spiritist and fortune teller, never knew her father. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Were there strange forces out to get her, and if so, why? View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for Clarita Villanueva. Manila Mayor Arsenio Lacson, who received reports about the incident, ordered that Clarita be brought to the city morgue so that he could see for himself. Disclaimer: BeenVerified’s mission is to give people easy and affordable access to public record information. She had no one to guide her or take care of her, so she began walking the streets as a vagrant prostitute and “taxi dancer,” meaning she would perform dances for money. Her age didn’t seem to matter, as she was brought to the city’s notorious Bilibid Prison, now known as the Manila City Jail, which is a 300-year-old fortress-like structure steeped in violent history, its walls long permeated by torment and suffering. Lacson said that he saw the marks of a human teeth where Clarita had been bitten, and that "they were not made by her". Clarita Villanueva.

She did not have an immediate family to take care of her and she became a vagabond. Lacson would say, “What it is is beyond me. He had fangs that came down on each side of his mouth, plus a set of buck-teeth all the way around. Clarita was surrounded by "about 100 medical specialists, nurses and Pressmen" according to Rodolfo Nazareno, a pressmen for the United Press. ... Clarita passed away on month day 1956, at age one at death place. The UPI and other world news services began to report the phenomenon worldwide. I commanded the evil spirit to loose her. The terrifying back story of Jodi Sta. Clarita Villanueva 1949 1952 Clarita Villanueva, 1949 - 1952. He had kicked her for something she had done wrong while rebelling against him. There was a raging battle with the girl blaspheming God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. [4], After three days of confrontation, Sumrall stated that the miracle of God came upon her and that Clarita said "He (the devil) went that way" and "He's gone". Switzerland, France, Germany, England, Canada, the United States – everywhere this strange phenomenon was front-page news at the time. Clarita had been examined and was declared as mentally sound. American Pastor Lester Sumrall flew to Manila, Philippines, in order to deliver the girl from the evil spirits. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property.


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