The first sentence in the second paragraph is quite long: Easier to understand and carry more impact. On the other hand, you don’t want to whisk readers along too quickly with too many incomplete sentences. Don’t try to be a turbo guide and make them traipse along too many side streets. I read that sentence by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and nearly died. You humble me. They don’t seem to work so well on screens, especially those tiny ones that come on smart phones. In the wrong hands long sentences can become dreadful. It takes skill and practice to master the long sentence. I suppose French literary geniuses didn’t take advantage of copy editors back then. Since it has no independent clause, it cannot make a meaning on its own. Routine. But it’s a cheap way to get a long sentence. That’s the power of a good long sentence. Or simply weak.”. A stream of short, choppy sentences makes for a boring read, whereas long sentences strung together can be tedious or even confusing for the reader. This includes ebooks, PDFs, and articles. The linking verbs here, just like in the noun/linking verb/noun sentence pattern, can also be referred to as equating verbs. Here are some modifications to the simple noun/verb sentence patterns listed above: As you can see in the sentence pattern in English grammar examples, the modified sentences are basically the same as the earlier ones.

Long Sentences. Read this 2,167 word monster sentence by Gabriel Garcia Marquez called “The Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship” and you’ll see what I mean. I’m reading Jane Austen whose long sentences made me write a few on paper just to contemplate them for their perfection, their nuance, and clarity. Nah. Here we go. But before you run off to pump some long sentences into your prose, there’s something you should know. It can become repetitive.

The long and the short of it is this: If you stuff in too many things, you’ve got an overly long sentence; if you leave out a subject, verb and/or object, you’re stuck with a fragment. First, although Microsoft Word's Grammar Checker isn't known for its helpfulness, it does notice long sentences and sentence fragments. Demian- all the conventional wisdom on web writing endorses the short sentence but sometimes breaking away from conventional wisdom makes the writer unique and spawns a new sort of conventional wisdom. Not a sexy long sentence. He can probably get away with it. But in the wrong hands, this trick becomes nothing more than a meaningless connector. I agree that long sentences don’t work well in web writing, but I also think it’s necessary to provide some variation, wake people up a bit, and remind ourselves that we’re still writers. I feel joy when I read a good long sentence. That segment originally appeared in "Writer's Digest" and was written by Bonnie Mills, author of "The Curious Case of the Misplaced Modifier" who blogs at In the wrong hands long sentences can become dreadful. Proust’s enormous sentence is an anomaly, but long sentences certainly haven’t disappeared. Certainly the short sentence is a boon in this mean, cold world. I find that the best way to judge if a sentence is too long is to add a full stop (period) at the point it starts to stop making sense. in the team. Faulker was the master of this — at least to me. If Grammar Checker has filled your screen with squiggly lines, pay attention. This Dave Eggers sentence is a classic example of anaphora: I fly past the smaller shops, past the men drinking wine on the benches, past the old men playing dominoes, past the restaurants and the Arabs selling clothes and rugs and shoes, past the twins my age, Ahok and Awach Ugieth, two very kind and hardworking girls carrying bundles of kindling on their heads, Hello, Hello, we say, and finally I step into the darkness of my father’s stores, completely out of breath.”.


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