Mannion has NBA range already and would help space the floor for the Mavs.

Mannion can score from anywhere on the court, similar to White. His shiftiness as a guard is one of the best in this class. He isn’t a high-flyer by any means, but Mannion is definitely athletic enough to play in the NBA. I doubt that he’ll be asked to create his own shot, but rather, let the offense come to him through system play. Today’s NBA teams are looking for versatility on both ends of the floor. Wingspan: 6 foot 2 (and a half) Smaller guards usually have trouble finishing around the rim, but Mannion does not. The latest stats, facts, news and notes on Nico Mannion of the Arizona Wildcats Without it, he isn’t much of a threat along the perimeter. Mannion is offensively refined with a smooth jump shot and tight handle. He’s nothing short of exciting on the offensive end.

Mannion produced most of his offense from the pick and roll last year.

It is clear that he needs to improve his game in several areas, but overall, he has all of the tools to translate into a useful NBA pro. For some odd reason, the Magic haven’t selected a guard in the draft since Victor Oladipo in 2013 who they then traded for, yes, another forward. He is on the smaller side, physically, so he will need to add some muscle before he enters the NBA. He should have no problem against smaller guards. He’s unselfish, which is an excellent quality to have as a guard, and he looks to make the best play for the team, rather than the best individual play. His body movement when making an attack move is elusive, which helps him create separation. Mannion’s bright spot defensively is against the pick and roll.

Future150, Future150 Camps, and the stylized logo are trademarks of Future150, LLC, UA Association: Nico Mannion Heats Up 16U Division, Nico Mannion Continuing 2020 National Rankings Climb, UAA Finals: 2020's Appear on the National Radar, 2020 Guard With NBA Bloodlines Emerging Out West. Mannion excels at both of those. Wingspan: 6'2" They could, however, improve at point guard. It would allow Giannis to rim-run, and Middleton to spot up along the perimeter for open looks. Is LaMelo Ball worth the risk of a top 3 pick. He is consistently in a proper stance, rotations are quick and on time, and defensive instincts are advanced. Defensively, Mannion is a good team defender but struggles when isolated against. I look forward to seeing where Nico lands and what he does in the NBA. Of that 30%, he produced a PPP of 0.829 as the ball handler, which is very solid. Nico Mannion is an explosive point guard with excellent ball skills, advanced vision, and strong finishing abilities. Both players are very good ball handlers with an excellent change of direction and speed. Mannion is always looking for the ball to start a fast-break which is an overlooked quality for point guards, in my opinion. His weakness guarding bigger, stronger, players, however, will be an issue in the NBA. His frame as a smaller guard could hurt him at the next level. They will use a bigger, stronger, ball-handler to isolate against Mannion and take advantage of his lack of strength and size. Selecting Mannion, however, would alleviate their need to address their weakness at point guard, and add another element to their offense. It constituted about 30% of his total offensive output last year. He is quite an explosive athlete who can finish above the rim with either hand. This should improve his percentages dramatically. Arizona's Nico Mannion with 24 + 9 assists against Illinois, flashing the full skill package of dribble jumpers, shooting off movement, floaters and setup passes. Mannion' draft stock has slipped a bit and he's no longer a lock for the 2020 first round. Last year Markelle Fultz blossomed into a nice player for the Magic, but that still does not mean they couldn’t use a young point guard in their offense. One of Nico’s most significant strengths in his game is his ability to push the ball in transition as the primary ball-handler. Expect rapid growth going forward with his game. Mannion will need to add muscle and get stronger to improve this. Mannion can only defend one’s and two’s in the half-court so teams may pass on him in the draft in favour of a more versatile athlete. I want my point guard to want the ball in his hands at all times. He will have trouble getting by bigger, stronger, defenders if he doesn’t bulk up a little. He has all of the traits to be a good team defender, but as an individual defender, he struggles. The Bucks are still one small piece away from being legitimate contenders, in my opinion. Mannion sometimes forces the issue driving to the basket and needs to improve his decision making. This would allow Mannion to play off the ball and look for his shot in catch and shoot opportunities in the half-court. In the NBA, forced attempts lead to failed attempts. Watching both players pretty closely, Nico Mannion reminds me of Coby White. Orlando is a pick and roll team in the half-court, so I think Mannion would be an excellent fit here overall. - Eric Hampford. Mannion, son of former NBA player Pace Mannion, was a legend at Pinnacle High School in Phoenix. 10/06/2016 by Eric Hampford – Today, we take a look at #20-#16 on our updated class of 2020 National Rankings board, where high-upside guard Nico Mannion … Mannion had trouble shooting the ball this year, but every freshman has difficulty adjusting to the NCAA at first. Statistics show that he has trouble making passes to pick and pop or spot-up shooters, but he is excellent with his downhill attack and his pass to the roller. I believe that he will be selected anywhere between 15-25 in the first round. Not only would Mannion get the majority share of minutes at PG, I think he’d start immediately. 7/15/2016 by Eric Hampford – One of the hottest prospects in the national class of 2020 is emerging from the state of Arizona, and has NBA bloodlines to go along with his skills. The Mavs are carried heavily by Luka and KP; they lack depth otherwise. Age: 19. late first to mid second round pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, 5-Star Corner: Patrick Baldwin Jr. Interview, The Elite 25 – The Top 25 Prospects in High School Basketball, 2020 NBA Draft Big Board, Early November Edition, The Most Underrated Incoming Freshman Who Will Make NBA scouts Take Notice. Against shooters, he’ll get over the screen. A frontcourt focused squad could use a high-pick and roll expert like Mannion in this draft. As of right now, Mannion is slotted on my big board as a top 20 prospect in this class.

Nico Mannion Scouting Report. If the draft started today, the Magic would have the 15th pick in the draft, and I think that taking Mannion here would be a solid choice. Weight: 176 pounds I doubt Mannion would start over Bledsoe right out of the gate, but there is a chance that in a few years he would take over that starting point guard role. You’ve probably seen videos of Nico Mannion on Instagram or Twitter crossing up guys in high school and making the gym go wild. Doesn’t have an ideal frame for the NBA game, with a short wingspan and average height for position but his basketball IQ and competitive fire make up for it. The Bucks currently have the 18th pick in the NBA draft which is excellent considering they had the best regular-season record in the NBA.


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