The Municipality of the Crowsnest Pass told the hearing that it supports the project. The Grassy Mountain Coal Project is a proposed steelmaking coal mine that will be developed on a legacy mining area, 7km north from Blairmore in the Crowsnest Pass. The Grassy Mountain Project will go a long way to return people to work and build opportunities in a post-COVID economy in Alberta and Crowsnest Pass. Currently, the Project is being reviewed by the provincial and federal regulators. Here are excerpts from their latest post titled, “Grassy Mountain Project Water Quality Concerns”, as follows: The federal/provincial Joint Review Panel will be in the area the week of September 23, 2019 to conduct aerial and ground surveys of the project and potentially impacted lands and streams. Hull is also involved with CAPE Alberta, a group of health professionals focused on a number of issues, including the Alberta coal phase-out and climate change advocacy in the province. He said the AWA is asking the joint review panel to reject the project. Our Grassy Mountain Coal Project (the Project) is a proposed steelmaking coal mine that will be developed on a legacy mining area, 7km north from Blairmore in the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta. -“A Broken System Begins to Function and Grassy Mountain Smiles” was written following the rejection of the review process of the TransMountain Pipeline.

“We believe the Grassy project is bad for the landscape, bad for the climate and also bad for the economy,” he said, adding it’s taken more than five years to get to the point where hearings can start. “We already have examples of horrific water contamination from these kinds of mines. “With that, I guess all I can say is that the only place for coal in 2020 should be in our history books, in the past.”. Erica Guglielmin is with Extinction Rebellion’s Calgary chapter.

Opponents of Grassy Mountain coal project concerned about 'decapitating' mountain top ... a Calgary-based subsidiary of Australian mining company Riversdale Resources. The Riversdale Resources team is comprised of global experts in the fields of engineering, environment and management of proposed projects like ours.

Riversdale Resources, proponent of the Grassy Mountain steel-making coal project near the town of Blairmore in the province’s southwest, says the mine would create two decades of solid employment and improve a site scarred by previous development. Grassy Mountain Water Quality EIA 1 Hatfield 1.0 INTRODUCTION Benga Mining Limited(Benga) , a wholly-owned subsidiary of Riversdale Resources Limited, is proposing to construct and operate Grassy Mountain Coal Project (the Project)the , an open-pit metallurgical coal “It also underestimates modeled future increases in precipitation intensity, duration and frequency arising from climate change,” he said. The Riversdale Resources team is comprised of global experts in the fields of engineering, environment and management of proposed projects like ours. Coal mines in B.C., just across the border, have polluted fresh water with high levels of selenium, which is toxic to humans and aquatic life.”. Other Articles on the Project by the The Crowsnest Journal: –Grassy Mountain Project Aerial Tour Announced, –Background Sunday Reads on Crowsnest Coal, –Selenium Central on the Crown of the Continent. Selenium is known to kill fish and there’s a number of endangered species in the area that would be impacted by this.”. That in turn would destroy designated critical habitat and offsetting artificial habitat.”, He added that Timberwolf’s filed evidence shows that the proponent’s EIA fails to account for a ‘significant source of greenhouse gas emissions.’, “In short, Timberwolf asserts that the Grassy Mountain Mine not only cannot be approved as designed, but no conceivable change in the mine plan would make it legal under SARA to either approve it or to build it.”. The Riversdale team understands that successful and healthy communities are diverse communities.

The Project is projected to produce around 93 million tonnes of product coal over its currently proposed 23-year mine life. “Quite simply, [this is] because the joint review panel has viewed Benga’s [Mining] impact assessment submissions over the years, dating back to 2016, as inadequate and lacking.”. – Kevin Turner. The steel making coal mine would be located seven kilometers north of Blairmore. -“Selenium Central on the Crown of the Continent” looks at not only this proposal, but two others in the Oldman headwaters and the struggles Teck has undertaken to meet its responsibilities to water quality.

“The companies line is don’t worry be happy,” said Ian Urquart with the Alberta Wilderness Association. -“Background Sunday Reads on Crowsnest Coal” contains numerous background articles from both the The Crowsnest Journal and several other sources. The Crowsnest Journal, a Facebook page, is questioning the environmental impact of the proposed project and is posting interesting information. Your choice, the whistle may be blown without further warning.

Mayhood suggested that Riversdale’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) “significantly underestimates” downstream risks that would come from increases in annual precipitation caused by climate change. Dr. If regulatory approval is given, the Grassy Mountain Project is expected to generate significant economic benefits for our communities, for Alberta and for Canada. Half of the project would be built on private lands purchased by Benga Mining Ltd., a Calgary-based subsidiary of Australian mining company Riversdale Resources. Currently, the Project is being reviewed by the provincial and federal regulators. We are committed to working with our local communities, government, Indigenous partners and fellow business owners to ensure our legacy is a sustainable one, now, and into the future. He added that lower flows could result in higher water temperatures, reducing further the chances of that species surviving on the Alberta landscape. “The damage to the ecosystem because of the selenium is also very high.

Benga Mining Limited operating as Riversdale Resources Page 6 1.0 GENERAL INFORMATION AND CONTACTS 1.1 Project Overview Benga Mining Limited (Benga), a wholly owned subsidiary of Riversdale Resources Limited (Riversdale), is proposing to develop the Grassy Mountain …

It would see the build of a 1,500 hectare mine that’s expected to produce 4.5 million tonnes per year of steel-making coal. It is expected to bring back an industry that is historic and significant to the area and that hasn’t been active for over 30 years, as well as jobs, community investment opportunities, and an increase in the commercial tax base. You’ve successfully subscribed. She said it’s time to fully start protecting ‘our natural world’. We are committed to using innovative, sustainable and mindful best practices to develop, operate and reclaim the Grassy Mountain Project. A month-long hearing into a proposed coal development got underway Tuesday, with conservation groups warning that a development would be a "slow moving natural disaster", Use of this Website assumes acceptance of Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, Published Tuesday, October 27, 2020 6:35PM MDT, Last Updated Wednesday, October 28, 2020 9:17PM MDT, Snowfall warning in place for Medicine Hat area, Proposed coal mine site declared endangered fish habitat, Alberta to consider mountaintop coal mine for company facing environmental probe, Concerns raised over open-pit mining in Crowsnest Pass, Review hearing starts Tuesday on proposed Crowsnest Pass coal mine, Bobsleigh team opts out of European circuit for now, Alberta aims to avoid restrictions as PM calls for measures during recent COVID-19 surge, Alberta exceeds 8,000 active COVID-19 cases, 200 hospitalizations, 1 dead after losing control of vehicle on Stoney Trail, 'I like selling to the world': Siksika First Nation business finds success online, Don Cherry impersonator doubles down support with Cherri-fied license plate, Gun range safety improvements underway in North Lethbridge, Online photo contest pays thanks to farmers during COVID-19 crisis, Face masks now mandatory at indoor public spaces in Cochrane, Young Calgary girl asks whether women can be firefighters, Seniors craft thousands of poppies for Remembrance Day, Veterans Food Bank receives substantial donation from North Hill Lions Club, 'Why not?


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