Flag whether you want campgrounds or hotels, pet-friendly accommodations, etc.

If you found this page helpful we would really appreciate it if you could like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram! Getting from A to B quickly isn’t what the road trip is about. Create personalized trips with multiple stops, automatically divide multi-day trips into manageable days, export to GPS or print directions, import from your favorite tools, edit, share and more. More Sleep May Not Be The Answer. I laughed at the absurdity of the photographs and then realized I, too, was rolling effortlessly along, turning the windshield into a movie screen in which I, the viewer, did the moving while the subject held still.

Sure, they’ll tell you if the town has gas but not if it’s worth stopping and exploring a bit the way a paper map can. 9706 Pacific Coast Hwy 9705 Route 66 9704 Palisades Scenic 9701 Blue Ridge Parkway 9708 A1a Highway 9709 Northwest Passages 9710 Hana Highway 9712 Paul Bunyan Highway 9803 Seward Highway. The Round app uses community-sourced knowledge to build a list of scenic routes in a given area.

Use the + and – zoom keys to control how much information appears on the map. Get Directions, nicely divided into manageable driving days. Find the shortest routes between multiple stops and get times and distances for your work or a road trip. Create Your Own Quick Custom Trip . and also has a database of scenic routes for a given area. There’s some potential with this app, it’s just not all there yet. If you’ve ever used Google Maps in a Vanagon and chuckle at the optimism of the ETA arrival time you will totally appreciate this setting. along the way that keep you within your daily driving limits. Need more information, help, or have a suggestion?

Import and Export trips from your favorite tools. Finding the best roads to drive can mean ditching your GPS and unfolding a few paper maps. Pretty sure that this guy shares my post-run endorphin rush. You'll get no more than one email per week.

The ability to set travel start and end times per day is great.

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Usually Google uses 60mph or higher as an average speed. On a multi-day road trip I’ll get a bit more involved with the route planning. We had very inconsistent results with both of these option and neither seemed to really do what we wanted. Here you can include auto routes and/or motorcycle routes (great source of local route knowledge). Use our Scenic Drive Finder and Road Trip Planner to easily create custom road trips. But what about your road trips?

If a man can keep alert and imaginative, an error is a possibility, a chance at something new; to him, wandering and wondering are part of the same process, and he is most mistaken, most in error, whenever he quits exploring. Our free road trip planner is easy to use. Why visit just one place, when you could take the scenic route? Also, much of the functionality here can be found in Furkot. This website has become our hands-down favorite for find a comprehensive listing of scenic byways, highways, parkways, etc. We’ve looked at many websites/tools to help us incorporate scenic routes into our road trip plans (see below) but Furkot is the one that has the most comprehensive routes database and comes closest to actually helping you plan your route around scenic routes.

Give it your travel time preferences and Furkot will take this into consideration and suggest pet-friendly campgrounds (or hotels, etc.) Spending some time sketching out our trip around these backroads always makes for a better journey. © 2020 Scenic America, 727 15th Street NW Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20005-6029 | PH, Intrinsic Qualities for Byways Designation, North Carolina tree cutting law affecting residents, Scenic America Resolution on Newport, Rhode Island, Strategies to Encourage Attractive On-Premise Signs, A Visual Assessment of Jefferson County, West Virginia, Strategies for Protecting Scenic Views and Vistas, Strategies for Taming Telecommunications Towers, Options and Strategies for Relocating Utilities, Billboards Degrade the Natural Environment. Before using Furkot we would piece together scenic routes from a variety of other websites. If you want to get your Furkot route/plans onto your iPhone, see below about its compatibility with the app Scenic. That was the temptation of the American highway, of the American vacation (from the Latin vacare, “to be empty”). Armed with the data from regional or state websites and maybe some suggestions from Trip Advisor or TheSamba, I’ll sit down with a paper map and some highlighters and sketch out multiple routes to and from our destination. At the time, Google maps didn’t have the search along route feature. The website is far more user-friendly for planning your trips than the iPhone application.

When planning trips, I always keep Blue Highways by William Least Heat-Moon in the back of my mind. This is where paper maps can really shine because as you drive along a particular highway from town to town, you can consult the paper map and get a sense of the scale/density of the towns you’re approaching and make a good, educated guess about whether they’ll have gas, good restaurants, etc.


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