Insert the spacer discover the base. During this operation, a 5 cm diameter plunger is penetrated

2- Seat the penetration piston at the center of the specimen with the smallest possible load, but in no case in excess of 4 kg so that full contact of the piston on the sample is established.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); – “Civil Engineering Home for Civil engineers” is a journal to bring civil engineering theory and construction practices online to share with fellow engineers, contractor and civil engineering student around the world. Both can be effective and reliable. loading frame with the cylindrical plunger of 5cm diameter and dial In fact, they are the first things that must be done before continuing with the plans of construction. The Californian Bearing Ratio (CBR) test is a penetration test used to evaluate the subgrade strength of roads and pavements. 0000002082 00000 n cbr means a test of resistance to penetration. Therefore material passing 20 mm sieve is only used in the test.


A CBR value of 2% is usually found for clay, high-quality sub-base will have CBR values between 80% and 100%, and some sands may have values around 10%. However if higher CBR value is obtained at 5.0 mm penetration, the CBR test is to be repeated to verify the result. If the check test results are similar, then value for 5 mm penetration is used as. If CBR value at 5.0 mm penetration is higher in the repeat test also, this higher value is adopted as the CBR value of the soil sample.

CBR (california bearing test) result.

the rate of 1.25mm/min. The CBR is a measure of resistance of a material to penetration of a standard plunger under controlled density and moisture conditions. H��WK������ *���{o��&@���VN�ZTKb�!����ק����4�$,q(��_}�U���Z����� ;O���ͧ�>a��O������� ~��[#�����de��:IR��DO�����8�I"24^���q����J��4���"� �$���\��8�u�����̾���>_�������y�[����0��"j���Y���?��w����+w�O޸d\.|�ӭ��0�ҽ��{��7e«�"y]1�@r�!^�QoN��,2��I��QaM�%]EbOJ�q ��2�A��L�"c�P����Pq(8���+���Ti����>Ţ�l�#tU��f�A2l�~b�T5��6Σ�6�����i˨0����T������Os�r�����N�_TwӬ��m�G�&�z��G�� '6 mg��l��-Hj��=ͣ���ف�:�F]U�ξ��B���S�,�q���'ޥ�8�c��`�ŞV�P*+.kl�R�d���k���QO���p拷�9Kea����5�f5i23_4�n��n. After Mount the tripod for expansion measuring device on the edge of the mould and record initial dial gauge reading.

I conducted CBR tests on unbounded aggregates. 0000006942 00000 n

is known as the standard  load. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});


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