The spots are caused by bleeding underneath the skin secondary to platelet disorders, vascular disorders, coagulation disorders, or other causes.

The difference between petechiae and abnormally prominent blood vessels can be shown by applying pressure to a red spot. The skin rash is usually found on the lower limbs but may also involve the trunk. The rash that is associated with purpura is sometimes referred to as either skin hemorrhages or blood spots. Henoch-Schönlein purpura is an inflammation that causes the small blood vessels to leak, leading to a rash. Purpura may occur when the platelet count of the blood is low (thrombocytopenia) but there are other causes too.

In the majority of cases, it occurs after trauma to the skin. Purpura (/ ˈ p ɜːr p jʊər ə /) is a condition of red or purple discolored spots on the skin that do not blanch on applying pressure.

In a person who is otherwise well this investigation can be done routinely. In particular, meningococcus (Neisseria meningitidis), a Gram-negative diplococcus organism, releases endotoxin when it lyses. Skin rash is harmless and usually disappears after a few days. Purpura are a common and nonspecific medical sign; however, the underlying mechanism commonly involves one of: Cases of psychogenic purpura are also described in the medical literature,[6] some claimed to be due to "autoerythrocyte sensitization". By contrast when pressure is applied to purpura the spots do not pale.

[2] They measure 3–10 mm,[3] whereas petechiae measure less than 3 mm, and ecchymoses greater than 1 cm.[4]. It most commonly affects children between the ages of 2 and 6 years.

Purpura usually appears in crops and may disappear over three to five days. In elderly people so-called 'senile purpura' is often seen on the outer surface of the arm and back of the hand. The causes for the occurrence of the rash on the skin can be various and numerous. Other studies[7] suggest the local (cutaneous) activity of tissue plasminogen activator can be increased in psychogenic purpura, leading to substantial amounts of localized plasmin activity, rapid degradation of fibrin clots, and resultant bleeding. Nappy rash: causes, prevention and treatment tips. Once such diagnoses have been excluded, other causes can be investigated or the patient managed by observation alone. Because of the possibility that the rash is the result of serious health problems, it is necessary that the person visits a doctor. ... What causes pigmented purpuric dermatosis? Heart Diseases Part IX - Congenital Heart Disease. Furthermore, tight clothes may cause rash on the skin. The word purpura (/ˈpɜːrpɜːrə/) comes from Latin purpura, "purple", which came from ancient Greek πορφύρα. Skin rash may appear after blood transfusion.


It can occur due to hemorrhage, or the damage to the walls of blood vessels in the skin.

Purpura is a mass noun naming the condition or state, not the name of an individual spot (thus there is no *pupurum, *purpura or *purpura, *purpurae count declension). However, some kind of strain, vomiting, and even violent coughing or intensive crying can cause rash on the skin, especially in the face or in the chest area, and most often in its upper part.

The rash involves a large number of small red and purple spots on the skin. An example is the inflammatory disorder in children known as Henoch Schönlein purpura. The rash occurs due to bacterial infections as well. Aplastic anemia can also be one of the causes for the incidence of the rash. Petechiae is the term given to the individual small red or red-blue spots about 1 to 5mm in diameter which make up the rash.

A cardinal sign of a purpuric rash is that it does not blanch on pressure, unlike exanthema, telangiectases, or allergic rashes.

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