Authorities have been trying to wipe out Fire Ants in the world's biggest elimination program for an invasive ant, and now it looks like they've had some success. World Statistics Day celebrates all of the important things statistics can tell us, but experts say it's important to understand the difference between good and bad data. We meet some kids in England and find out how they’re coping with lockdown. Ask A Reporter: Fridays 2.15pm (AEST) - check the page for when the next session will be held.

Episode 1 79m. All Rights Reserved. Episodes Behind the Newsroom. US Election Candidates We find out more about a citizen science project where people use an app to help scientists measure frog populations. BtN talks to aquanaut and ocean conservationist, Fabien Cousteau, about his plan to build the world’s most advanced underwater research station and find out why he and many others see the deep oceans as humanity’s next frontier of exploration.  |  ABC Me, Get started with Indigenous Australia (primary), How to link video to your Google Classroom lesson. Sport Australia has released a Return to Sport Toolkit outlining how community sports clubs can safely operate once games are back on again. Taste Adventures Until there's a working COVID vaccine, and with the virus still around, Australians will have to get used to a 'COVID normal' life. We look at the issue of fake Indigenous art being sold to tourists.

Find out more about Victoria’s ‘roadmap’ for transitioning out of stage three and four lock-down. Sangeet addresses the question from a numerology point-of-view as to whether or not Mr. Trump contracted the virus and the particular challenges and strengths he has regarding immunity. 1. We caught up with some high school kids who are harnessing the power of this speccy technology to bring their projects to life. Punchalee who is the top news anchor and host is threatened by Dao, a newcomer at the station. Or how dung beetles can help the environment?

We take a look at what happened in the US election. Post: Behind the News, 85 North East Road, Collinswood 5081, BTN Newsbreak: Weekdays, 6:25pmBTN Classroom: Tuesday, 10am↪ Repeats on Thursday at 10.25amBTN Specials: Wednesday, 11am. We find out about the advantages and disadvantages of ditching coins and notes and what affect it could have on Aussies.

She’s created a newspaper called COVID-Catchup to share information, ideas and inspiration with other kids in her neighbourhood. Sitting by her familiar flip-chart with brightly colored markers in hand, Sangeet gives us a neutral apolitical perspective on how a person's soul choices, personal cycles, annual cycles, karma, and other factors may be influencing people in the news. American researchers say the videos aren’t held to the same advertising standards as traditional media, and it’s leading to health problems for kids. Here's more on the decision and the history behind the flag itself. The grandparents of some BTN reporters share some of their memories of WWII. Meet a young person with alopecia and find out more about the condition.

Australia is experiencing a La Nina weather event - find out what that is and what it could mean for Aussies this summer. We take a look at Aussie plant species that are in trouble and how we can preserve them.

We look at the decline of koala populations in some parts of NSW. More Like This. Mauritius Spill We find out more about the bridge walk, the events leading up to it, and its lasting impact on the country. All eyes are on the US this week as the country heads to what some say is its most important election in recent history.

A group of Buddhist kids tell us about their religion and what Vesak means to them. This program is not currently available in iview. Why doesnt Google / Microsoft SSO let me sign in. Take a closer look at Oxford’s vaccine and why it’s got people excited.

Pacifica designated agent to receive notice of claimed infringements. © 2020 KPFA & PACIFICA. Moon Discovery Right now there's a lot of debate going on about whether kids under 14 should be put in detention. No signup or install needed. Plus, revisit some of the young Australians met in the BTN Bushfire Special to see how their families are coping since the Black Summer bushfire crisis. We find out more about this iconic Aussie species. Behind the News looks at the events that led up to World War II and gives a brief history of one of the deadliest conflicts that the world has ever seen. We take a look at the lasting impact of the Endeavour’s arrival on Australia’s first people. We take a brief look at how Australia has changed in the 250 years since Cook’s arrival. Confident and cool under pressure, top news presenter Punchalee meets her match in the conniving Dao, who'll stop at nothing to fulfill her ambitions. "Numbers Behind The News" List Of Episodes Written by Hari Nam Singh.

Behind the News puts Black Lives Matter in context, reports on the state of newspapers, and explains the significance of Charles Dickens. Magnetic levitating pods capable at going 1080km/h have completed their first human passenger trials... at 160km/h though. There are a few facts we need to clear up first. We take a look at the candidates in the running for America’s top job, and find out how this election is going to be different. "Flourish" Video -The Day Before Sangeet's Big Surgery! Then Sangeet shows us how the annual and monthly cycles for Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump interacted, moving each in and out of strong positions. Plus, meet some kids involved in the Thank You Project – a way to say thanks to someone who’s been essential to them during the COVID-19 pandemic. Meet an 11-year-old Arrernte/Garrwa boy who's passionate about the issue.

ABC Education brings you free educational resources for Primary and Secondary students - visit now. BtN looks at what a recession is, how it came about, and what the government is doing to try to get us out of it.


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