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The driver absently fondled the rein as he watched the over-capacity crowd jammed into the cars and overflowing onto the run boards. The Red River cart was followed, briefly, by the stage-coach, but on 10 March 1878, Mr. Ira M. Carpenter, of the Blakely & Carpenter Minnesota Stage Co., arrived in Winnipeg to start closing out the stagecoach era. The newspaper report of that day reads: “The sound of the gong caused people to line Main Street from the C.P.R.

[13] PAYE was implemented beginning May 27, 1914.[14]. Mr. Austin considerately had them gathered up and taken to his office where they were later claimed by their rightful owners. One of the farmers out there saw his horse go down in front of a street car and swore the car had killed it. Along the Assiniboine from the Red River to Brandon, river transportation continued for several years, but it was an outmoded form of travel. The first bus driver was Mr. Jack Allen, a name perhaps better known to the racing, than the riding public, for, he later owned and ran several race horses at Polo and Whittier Parks. The Winnipeg Free Press conducted a downtown idea contest in 1994, which Jeff Lowe won with an idea for a rail-based streetcar to serve the downtown Winnipeg area. The wooden shelter at Osborne northbound can just be glimpsed behind the northbound Jimmie.

It was also in 1925 that Winnipeg had its greatest unsolved robbery. But, while it now had possession of the tracks from Main Street Bridge to Elm Park, the new Company was still not able to give through service from the city to that point.

The story was the same at the Tecumseh Hotel near Higgins and Main. These include: One noted feature of Winnipeg's urban road network is Confusion Corner, a complex intersection where four arterial roads and a special Winnipeg Transit bus lane are funnelled into a rhomboid-shaped loop of one-way streets at a junction with Osborne Street.[2].

Truly a pioneering transportation town! Office moved from Main Street Bridge to Montgomery Building, downtown at Portage and Main. First Roadmaster & Chief Conductor - T. W. Glenwright (Started as Conductor).

Winnipeg had the first trolley bus service in Western Canada, commencing operation on Sargent Avenue in May, 1938.

[citation needed], Spring Taxi is the newest and smallest centrally dispatched taxi company in Winnipeg, and the company owns 16 of the 32 Spring Taxi vehicles, with the remaining 16 being owner operated vehicles. There was no auto competition; no snow removal problem.

The matter went to arbitration and the Board found in favor of the Company.

People were pouring into the new City.

But now the Armed Forces needed all the raw materials. This plan was published on April 11, 1959[103] as the Future Development of the Greater Winnipeg Transit System.[104]. Part of the Transit Master Plan may address the issue of serving communities beyond the Perimeter Highway. A newspaper report of 1889 called special attention to that fact. It’s last run was on the Corydon - North Main line.

(Terminal C.P.R.

1983: Official Opening of Eldon Ross Swimming Pool. It was bought up by the amalgamated WER in 1905, which finished expansion of its line to the village of Headingley by the end of the year. That's back when the 400s were Flyer D800s, and passengers would ask the drivers, "do you go to Eaton's?"

Bannerman Avenue, Main to McGregor, McGregor to Selkirk Avenue. Not as good as it is now. The office, also, was moved to the little red building at Main Street Bridge; a building torn down in 1951 to make way for a flood control pumping station.

30 June - Bannerman cars running on McGregor Street only. Public transit in Winnipeg began in 1882 with the horse-drawn Winnipeg Street Railway Company (WSR) under the direction of Toronto businessman Albert William Austin. Augmented by Diesels in rush hours. had been taken over as a subsidiary by the W.E.Ry.Co.


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