Doughnuts, sundaes, frappes, and deep-fried for days, it’s all out there waiting for you. 2 cups plain flour. The cakes should be golden brown and spring back when lightly pressed in the centre.

I’ve just come across your recipe and as I’m a little time pressed I was wondering if packet buttercake mix could be used?? Since then, it has become an Australian icon, with the birth of the Golden Gaytime that we all know and love in 1970. Place pan on a wire rack. Pingback: Jeobox – 16 Tasty Twists On Classic Aussie Treats, Pingback: 16 Tasty Twists On Classic Aussie Treats | They do have the nice crunchy coating on the outside just like the original. Uk: digestive biscuits, Can’t wait to eat this, I’ve baked the cakes and make the cream cheese icing for the centre, but now I’m wondering the best way to assemble it all.

Sometimes you just need to stick with what you know. The best ice-cream Australia has to offer. Do you have a recipe for the non-cheats way?

Still craving that calorie fix?

You can make caramel yourself if you boil an unopened tin of sweetened condensed milk for some time, I can’t remember, several hours? The challenge is putting the cookie crumbles on the side, this will involve slight tilting of the cake.. Hi this looks fabulous! Then carefully place the cake right way up on the serving plate and ice the top as normal. Hope this helps. I have made one 5 years later using my cake mixture and entered a cook-off comp at work and won first place. Obviously the name and location of this panty-dropping bad boy is a dead giveaway, but let’s delve in deeper, because if anything deserves your time and respect, it’s the heavenly combination of Gaytime and Doughnut Time. So start living, friend. Here are 50 Desserts You Must Try If You Live In Sydney. no, from what I’ve seen you need a malted cookie (“biscuit” in Australia) and not a cracker. That’s right, shake your head. Caramel Top n Fill is like dulce de leche, which you are able to buy in the US.

What would I use as a substitute in the USA? My flatmate is a chef (I am a beginner baker), and he ate a huge hunk of the cake (very flattering).

Love the range of ice cream flavours with the distinctive crumb coating. Who doesn’t love a Golden Gaytime? I love Gaytime!

Add the first egg to the butter mixture and beat on medium speed for about one minute. 3. Which is low-key wrong, because honestly, who would want to share a Gaytime? It’s just caramel. States: graham crackers I understand some people have been saying it was too runny but im really keen to try it. It’s very popular and people go nuts for it when they see it and they let the cake melt in their mouth I know I’ve hit the right spot. Brings back memories. With vanilla and chocolate –toffee flavoured ice cream, coated in chocolate and biscuit crumbs it’s sure to leave you wanting more! It is a toffee and vanilla ice cream dipped in compound chocolate… Last year, it was bought by South Australian confectioner Robern Menz, returning it to Aussie manufacturing.

Get the latest news, free product trials, prizes, recipes and much more… first. So add more chocolate to anything and I’m a fan. 2. Can you please tell me what top and fill caramel is????

In my opinion it is not as good as the original but for a change it works well. LOL

Hi Tinman’s treats,

Lady Hampshire treats the Golden Gaytime with the respect it deserves, so you can tuck into it like the animal you are. I sometimes think though that they shouldn’t mess with something that is good. Just love it. Needs to go global. I used this recipe in 2012 for my son’s B-Day. I’ve never made a layered cake. Ingredients. Love Golden Gaytimes? Have a question about this product?

I prefer to eat all the choc/crumble first , yummy. Go get your ass involved in the Golden Gaytime pancakes. The Golden Gaytime Cake is made of 4 components: UPDATE: For tips on how to bake this cake visit my post: Does it taste similar? and also I loked at the ingredients on a golden gaytime and it says Honeycomb Biscuits – I can only find chocolate Honeycomb Biscuits in any store in Australia – Still deciding about the ” Malt Biscuits .

1. Streets Golden Gaytime Vanilla and Chocolate-Toffee flavoured ice cream coated with compound chocolate and biscuit crumbs. Looks amazing. Add half the milk and, with the machine on very low speed, beat for about 10 seconds until just incorporated. Love the great taste, it is a shame that the product has got smaller over the years, you notice this when you finish and see the size of the stick that now comes in these icecreams. or even a cheesccake version of this ???? Then Streets Chocolate Golden Gaytime aren’t to be missed! 1. beat butter in bowl with electric mixer until pale; add caramel and beat until combined, 2. beat in sifted icing sugar, and in two batches. 125g malt biscuits, … Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Any advice? I just recently posted some FAQs. I understand that companies need to keep people interested in their products and bring out different versions of a classic. And it is the best icing/frosting ever! haha yes it is rather time consuming. I don’t care what flavour Gaytimes come in, love them all. Marketing Manager Polly Love said the collab with Golden Gaytime makes for the perfect first birthday back in Australia. I love to bake so ill have a play with the caramel too & let you know this looks beautiful and virtually no calories , Pingback: Golden Gaytime inspired cupcakes. ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

given that it’s not an ice cream… no BUT… it’s very close to the real thing. I don’t ever recall seeing a cake do this before. I’ve just come across your recipe and as I’m a little time pressed would it be ok to use packet buttercake mix?? Hi just wondering what malt o milk biscuits are and where I can get them from?? The components really tasted like golden gaytime ice cream. This looks like a fantastic recipe. LOL. x. I’m actually going to improve the recipe this weekend to hopefully make it easier. glad it was a success and thanks for the feedback. Sounds amazing! Will post when it happens! Recover password or Join Mouths of Mums. Beat the mixture until it is pale and creamy (about five minutes). Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. 4. beat the butter, sugar and vanilla together in a large bowl with electric mixer on low speed. And saddest of all don’t taste like gay time at all:(( very disappointed… I wouldn’t try and make this or waste money on it people…, Made yesturday n cream cheese filling just to watery follows instructions too the t , I shared this recipe a while ago on facebook so i could make later…later is now and the caramel cream cheese icing is gone???

Thanks!! 3. if the mixture is too stiff add 1 – 2 tbsp of milk to soften. hi sarah, i think you could use arnott’s malt o milk biscuits , Pingback: Golden Gaytime CakeCreative Ideas | Creative Ideas. In my opinion it is not as good as the original but for a change it works well. My new favorite ice cream, these are delicious and I highly recommend you try them. Memories of eating a Golden Gaytime from the milkbar after spending the day at the beach from my childhood. 5. 200g white chocolate. It’s a nice hit of chocolate, still the same crunchy bits on the outside which says ‘Gaytime’. 7. If you can remember back to when you were a kid...these are the same wonderful ice creams with a little twist. You know what they say… It’s hard to have a Gaytime on your own. Jeobox – 16 Tasty Twists On Classic Aussie Treats, 16 Tasty Twists On Classic Aussie Treats |,, Golden Gaytime CakeCreative Ideas | Creative Ideas, 2 tablespoons cocoa powder (i melted down 50g of dark chocolate, and took away 1 tablespoon of milk). Not so keen on food with ridges? Thanks for a great recipe. If all of this deep frying, pancaking, and doughnuting has got you all in a tiz, feel free to kick it old school and hit up your trusty local, slide open the freezer door, and treat ‘yo self to the OG delicious biscuity treat. I can’t quite get my head around the amazingness of this cake. I’m mostly concerned about the consistency. I’m still playing around with the caramel part however, I feel that a better recipe for butterscotch or caramel buttercream can be found. They are so nice, with the same creamy texture as the original but so very chocolatey, I can't get enough. Perfect combo. © 2020 Buchanan Group. This is a variety that I will only by occasionally for a change as we all like the original better. There are three OTT … They taste good but not as good as original. You remember when L’Oreal was all like “you’re worth it”? I enjoyed them for a change but will probably stick to the originals. can you advise please ?? I no longer make desserts when guests come over and demand they all eat a Gaytime instead. Not a golden gaytime flavour of old and hardly any taste for $8 a box! Trying this recipe for Easter as my favorite icecream is Golden Gaytime. Go get ‘em, tiger. I was wondering if this tastes like a golden gaytime or just looks like one? I havent made your cake yet, in fact Ive only just read your recipe. which ingredient is in question and i’ll help you out . The crumb was soft, Great and delicious.

Roughly cut up ¾ packet of the biscuits. When cake has completely cooled, remove from pan.

We do have caramel top and fill in Australia, it is easily found in any supermarket in the baking section. Looks like Sharolynn has already answered this though (c: ANy Chance there is an Australian version of the ingredients to make this – and or actually somehow using the actual icecream to blend in with the butter cake ???? Please ensure you have first-hand experience of this product before you rate it — it's important all ratings are genuine & honest. Definitely something I will make again though. #want. I now prefer these chocolate gaytimes to the originals. I need to stop pandering to every comment! This isn’t food, this is life. Not quite as good as the classic gaytime but ok. Stop beating as soon as the ingredients are combined. What is top n fill caramel? Those biscuits that you have on your cake look like graham crackers, could that be something close to your malt biscuits? Gaytime can be traced back to 1959 when it was first released to the Australian public. ( Log Out /  The coating on the outside of the chocolate is quite nice with the nutty texture that is different from the rest and taste really nice. If you’re more of a liquid diet kind of gal, the GG shake is always there for you. A bit pricey as I expected. Increase speed to medium once the sugar is incorporated. Thanks again! this has popped up twice today in my FB feed! 11. 400g Crunchie bars, chopped. Preheat oven to 150 degrees (140 degrees Celsius fan-forced). Image credit: Caitlin Hicks at Lady Hampshire. No dramas, dairy farmers. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I have changed the cake mixture since then as I find that your cake mix was a bit dense. We love the chocolate version, the ice cream is smooth and creamy with the traditional Gaytime crumble on the outside.


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