Published by Elsevier B.V. By cutting costs, increasing efficiency and reducing time and distance, e-commerce could become an important tool for development. Peer-review under responsibility of Universal Society for Applied Research. There is similarly often a need to invest in management, IT and entrepreneurial skills. Electronic commerce may have large economic effects in the future. E-commerce and other aspects of the digital economy are driven by two main factors: digital data and digital platforms. Otherwise they become invisible in the market. Some countries are already benefiting from the results, they are now in apposition to benchmark their economies with competitors internationally and there are many ways to accelerate the growth of productivity but the reason for this is rather controversial. Such exports increased substantially across all regions during the period 2005–2018, with the highest growth rate in developing countries, especially in Asia. As shown by the eTrade Readiness Assessments conducted by UNCTAD in 27 least developed countries, gaps and barriers are found in several policy areas, ranging from ICT infrastructure and payment solutions to skills and legal framework. The adoption of the pan-African payment and settlement system as one of the five key instruments of the operational phase of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is a milestone towards greater integration of digital financial services. One striking way that digitalization is impacting our economies is through growth in e-commerce. This trade is highly concentrated. This deepening in the digital shift has wide implications for trade and development. However, in some developing countries, e-commerce does not grow as fast as developed countries (Alyoubi, 2015). Anand, India. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Meanwhile, digitalization has made more services tradable by enabling their delivery over ICT networks. Taxation is one area that needs additional attention. In Uganda, the Ministry of ICT has made a call to develop digital solutions in the fight against COVID-19 to support health systems and public service delivery. AfCFTA offers an opportunity for consolidating e-commerce rules and regulations across the continent and openly discussing disagreements. Local firms in developing countries can benefit from being able to use services offered by global platforms. It is up to governments, in close dialogue with other stakeholders, to shape e-commerce and the digital economy by defining the rules of the game. Having such type of company allows a developing country founder to access not only the US market, but potentially the whole world market as they can now accept international payments and satisfy most of the trust and compliance requirements. ZEINAB MOHAMED EL GAWADY, MISR UNIVERSITY FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, EGYPT. As the tax landscape evolves, it is essential to ensure wide and more inclusive participation of developing countries in international discussions on taxation in the digital economy. This applies, for example, to data protection and security, taxation and trade. For most countries, the digital economy remains relatively unchartered territory, and policies and regulations are failing to keep up with the rapid digital transformations taking place. Efforts to strengthen cyber security are equally important. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. Platforms have also been put in place, linking informal operators to established marketplaces and helping out-of-reach households access market vendors, using local transport solutions. The e-commerce has affected the global economy in many different ways. de la Paix, 1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland, Welcome to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. The value of the exports of services that are digitally deliverable amounted to some $2.9 trillion in 2018, or about half of all services exports. Data are also intrinsic to e-commerce. Many trade facilitation measures require collaboration among neighboring countries. Quality of e-commerce ecosystems affects trade effects While all parts of the world are affected by the shift towards online commerce, many developing countries are still held back by limited digital readiness. At the same time, several policy challenges may be more effectively addressed at the regional or international level. While all parts of the world are affected by the shift towards online commerce, many developing countries are still held back by limited digital readiness. Many countries are poorly prepared. This creates both opportunities and challenges, calling for changes to existing policies and adoption of new policies in many areas. Developing countries such as Malaysia are catching up fast as there are already 1.2 million Internet users. Much of this digital innovation is taking place in Africa. Digital data have become a new economic resource for creating and capturing value. And in most other sub-Saharan African countries it is below 5%. Quality of e-commerce ecosystems affects trade effects. In view of the cross-sectoral nature of digitalization, a whole-of-government response is important to the formulation and implementation of policies aimed at securing benefits and dealing with challenges associated with e-commerce.


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