The simple test blood is delivered works by having you collect a tiny blood sample to submit back to the lab for testing. Interested in our Health Consulting services? This might include tests to rule out: Low iron levels . Your doctor may feel you should have some blood tests to rule out physical causes for tiredness. Everything you need to know about diabetes, 10 steps to reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, To check for current infection - PCR Swab Test, To check for previous infection - Antibody Blood Test, You're tired of feeling tired and want to get your energy back, You are more tired than usual and you want to see if there is a medical reason behind your symptoms, You want a thorough check-up for the common causes of low energy, You've taken steps to improve your iron and vitamin D and want to check your levels.

Vitamin deficiencies such as B12 or vitamin D. Coeliac disease. Collect your sample at home, visit a partner clinic, or we can even send a nurse to you. Click here to read more about blood chemistry. The TSH test is one of several important thyroid blood tests for fatigue. Because there is excess potassium and decreased sodium, this is a major marker for metabolic alkalosis. Our Fatigue Panel Test price includes the following: *Test requests are reviewed and, if appropriate, authorized by a physician. Understanding how your lifestyle impacts your overall wellbeing gives you the power to make changes and improve. A blood test can help to pinpoint this cause, but only if your doctor orders the right kind. View your results with doctor's advice on your personal dashboard. Discover the easy way to track your health through our online portal, Your everyday doesn’t have to be so tiring.

Fatigue, or feeling tired, is a normal state that tells the body it is time for rest after a period of activity. Whether you’re an individual or a company and want to receive promotions and useful health updates. The fatigue panel blood test checks for lab tests that might be causing fatigue. Estrogen & Phosphatidylcholine: Are You Deficient? Do you want to know if there is a medical reason for your fatigue so you can get treatment and improve your symptoms? Low thyroid hormone levels (hypothyroidism). Adrenal hypofunction indicates an insufficient amount of cortisol and adrenal activity, exactly the opposite of adrenal hyperfunction. This causes an increase in the amount of potassium in the cells and blood, and a decrease in the amount of sodium in the blood. Blood tes… I am NOT recommending any of these as a protocol, I am only listing these as individual nutrients. Send your sample back on the same day you take it in the freepost pack to our laboratory. ICO Registered. Adrenal hyperfunction is indicative of a loss of certain mineralcorticoid hormones, and consequently a loss in potassium through the urine. Why is everyone suddenly talking about the menopause? With tests for anaemia, vitamin D, … This fatigue blood test panel can help identify correctable causes of excessive tiredness or fatigue. Get in touch via phone, live chat or email.

Do you lack the energy to do the things you enjoy? We ask every Medichecks customer about their experience - read what they have to say. Additionally, several hormone tests will be measured to assess for imbalances or thyroid dysfunction.

On a blood test, when potassium levels are decreased (about 4.0 or lower) and sodium is increased (greater than 4.2) and chloride levels are higher than 105, it is a sign of adrenal hyperfunction. Birth Control: Copper Toxicity & Estrogen Excess, Glucose Tolerance Test: Here’s What This Simple & Powerful Test Can Show You. All users should consult with a medical provider for specific health concerns. Our goal at Metabolic Healing is to educate you about the many facets of living a holistic lifestyle, and to empower you with the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about your own whole health. By continuing to browse or by clicking “Continue” below, you agree to the storing of first- and third-party cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. Tiredness is often as a result of a recent virus or infection or sometimes simply from doing too much. View your results with doctor's advice, monitor any changes over time and see the improvements you can make to your health with simple lifestyle changes. The adrenals modulate the body’s stress response, and are involved in numerous other biological functions including: digestive functions, inflammatory and anti-inflammatory responses, and the adrenal hormones interact with a simplex of other hormones. © Ltd 2020 In most cases these turn out to be normal. Get routine blood tests done at least once a year. The most accurate way to assess adrenal function is through a saliva cortisol and DHEA biopsy. Low blood pressure, low blood volume, metabolic alkalosis, hypothyroid function and adrenal hypofunction are very commonly seen in the same clinical picture. Full GDPR compliance. Specific vitamin levels will also be measure to check for vitamin deficiencies that might be contributing to an overall sense of feeling fatigue. Accesa Labs does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Therefore, understanding your own blood test results is essential in order to figure out a clear strategy from improvement.

A great way to improve your performance and get results is to understand what's going on inside your body. Herbs such as: Licorice root extract, Schizandra, Bladderwrack, Skullcap.

Once your fatigue panel lab report is ready, you will be able to download it. The lab then screens your blood for 96 common foods and tells you how reactive your IgG antibodies are to them.

There are other ways however to assess adrenal function, including through blood tests and through Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. Alkalosis is just as common as acidosis, if not more so. Unfortunately, when the body is excessively fatigued or tired for abnormally long periods of time, it can cause a major disruption in daily life. This fatigue blood test panel includes the CBC blood test, CMP blood test, cortisol test, CRP test, DHEA test, hemoglobin A1c test, iron & TIBC test, testosterone total & free test, TSH test, vitamin B12 test, and vitamin D test. Naviaux Cell Danger Biology & The Future of Personalized Medicine, The Archetype of the Wounded Healer Within You, Breakthrough Research Presented on Joint Hypermobility Syndromes & The Extracellular Matrix. Eating right for one’s type of metabolism will help to ensure the proper amounts of sodium and potassium levels as well as raw materials for one’s unique biochemistry.


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